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how to look attractive

How To Look Attractive | Top 10 Style Mistakes Men Make

Look, your sense of style is essential. Don’t neglect it. A woman can tell a lot about you from what you wear… and sometimes it’s enough to turn her off instantly. Yes, you can still date beautiful women without a good sense of style, however, when you look good, it’s easier to create the initial […]

make women chase you

Make Women Chase You with this ONE WORD!

No tricks, no magic lines… This ONE WORD will make women chase you. This may sound like a gimmick, but there’s a much deeper psychological principle behind this one word. (I’ll explain in the video.) And once you learn the powerful principle behind this word, you’ll have women chasing you right from the start. It’s […]

How to Meet Girls in the Day [Cancun INFIELD VLOG]

Let’s face it… men RARELY APPROACH girls during the day! It’s usually about bars, clubs, or dating apps. That’s EXACTLY why you should start meeting girls in the daytime – because there’s so little competition! I’ll show you why and how we approach women during the day while on our boot camp in Cancun, Mexico. […]

are you on pornhub

Are you on Pornhub? [Comfort Zone Challenge]

What’s a fun opener that would get us out of our comfort zone, we thought? Ask random girls on the street “Are you on Pornhub?!” Because our last Cheesy pick up line video was so much fun, we decided to take on our very own comfort zone challenge on Venice beach, CA. This time, we […]

what's the best pick up line

What’s the BEST/WORST Pick Up Line?

What’s the best pick up line? What’s the worst? Josiah hit the streets of Las Vegas asking girls for the best/worst pick up line they’ve heard. You’ll get a kick out of what these girls say about pickup lines. Some were just plain horrible, some weird, and some worked! See for yourself: Click Below To […]

practice eye contact

Practice Eye Contact With Beautiful Women

Do you want to improve your eye contact? Use THIS video to practice! Strong eye contact with women is crucial and will make you seem more confident, higher status and more attractive. This video gives you 3 different exercises with various attractive women to help your master eye contact. Click Below To Subscribe To Our […]

do cheesy pick up lines work

Do Cheesy Pick Up Lines Work? Using Cheesy Pick Up Lines on Girls

Do cheesy pick up lines work? Well, while Josiah and I were out in NYC we decided to put that to the test! So we did a google search for funny pick up lines and headed to Washington Square Park to talk to some ladies. Watch the video to see how it plays out. Click […]