make a girl want to kiss you

Make a Girl Want To Kiss You

A lot of men mess up the first kiss or never even go for it at all. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the downright ugly. But guys, it’s not that hard! Here are my 5 Ways to make a girl want to kiss you… The last one’s my personal favorite, so pay close attention to that.

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make a girl want to kiss you


5 Ways to make her want to kiss you


Tension technique and why it works

Guys, the main thing you need to become comfortable with before attempting any of the following tactics is tension. Creating and playing with that tension that occurs the moment preceding a kiss will make or break how passionate your kiss is. The reason for this is because we are naturally inclined to break any kind of tension we feel in our daily lives. If you don’t naturally build up this sensual tension and force her to break it, the kiss will fall flat.

Think about this scenario: You invite a girl over, you start watching a movie, you lean in… only to receive that dreaded look that says “omg are you trying to kiss me?!?”

Does that sound familiar? I know it does, and I can honestly say, the only thing running through her brain at this moment is: “I’m trying to watch this movie dude…”

The problem here is that you didn’t build up any sort of tension and so the girl is not going to feel inclined to break it. In other words: you’re not getting that kiss.

Luckily, I’ve created a list of 5 effective ways to build tension to make her want to kiss you.


5 Ways to Make A Girl Want To Kiss You:



The Playful Approach

This first approach is perfect for your fun, laid back kinda guys. We’ll call it, the playful approach. This approach is awesome because it not only lets you show off your fun-loving personality, but it’s also the perfect segway into a kiss.

Find a childlike/innocent activity and make it more sensual. The best ways to do this is through tickling or play wrestling. Let’s say you’re sitting down somewhere private (preferably a couch or bed) If you guys start hitting it off, try to get into a playful tickling battle.

The approach works because it not only allows you to decrease the proximity between the two of you (in a non-creepy way), but also it involves some form of body contact which is a sure fire way to increase tension which she will break.



The Clever Approach

Next approach is called the clever approach because it doesn’t rely on any form of body contact. If you’re a little more wary about where to touch a girl without her freaking out, this method might be the best for you. This approach relies on the use of clever games.

One time in college, hitting it off with a guy… picked up a ping pong ball and said that if he could make it into the solo cup, I owed him a kiss. It was clever and worked. Boys, just make sure you can do whatever you’re betting on otherwise that’s embarrassing

Another idea is using question games. Sounds lame but it will work. Girls generally love talking about themselves, so pipe up the idea of a round of 20 questions. Work the questions up until you’ve built a sufficient amount of tension and say something like “how much longer are you going to make me wait until I can kiss you?!”

This approach saves you embarrassment and a slapped face because you will know immediately after you ask that question or make that bet if she actually wants to kiss you or not.



The Flirty Approach

Next approach involves talking about kissing before kissing. Sounds counterintuitive but its super effective.

We were watching a movie, and I made some comment about how the couple was making out. This led to a conversation about our favorite ways to kiss and who was a better kisser until eventually, we had to prove each other wrong.

If you talk about something before you do it, it will successfully build the tension until the girl has no other option but to break it.



The Intense Approach

This approach involves using body language in order to build tension. One of the most common way to build an intense tension that the girl will feel inclined to break which is why we’re calling this one the intense approach.

To start off, you need to start with the basics. Look at how the girl is standing/sitting. If her torso/majority of her body is facing you and she isn’t distracted, then you know you have her attention. Next, you have to use your eyes to catch her gaze. This one is important because eye contact is scientifically proven to increase trust and build a bond between two individuals. After you catch her gaze you can add in some things like letting your knee touch her leg or even tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. Eventually, the girl will break this intense unspoken tension by going in for the kiss.

This method is popular due to the fact that you could be talking about almost anything. The use of body language itself is enough in this case.



The Spontaneous Approach

This approach is a little different than the rest of them. It’s the least common as well as the hardest the pull off, but if pulled off correctly, this could be a kiss that the girl would remember forever. Girls will love this one because it’s so effortless and doesn’t seem like the whole thing was staged.

It could be as simple as walking from one venue to the next, stopping suddenly and saying ‘wait I forgot something’ and then slowly going in for the kiss.

The trick here is to find a time that she’ll welcome the kiss but won’t necessarily expect it. You have to be cognizant of where the conversation is going and find the right time to use this technique.

Oh and lastly, you have to be confident. If you stumble on your words or fail to grab her passionately, you won’t be getting that awesome kiss you’ve been hoping for.

Alright, guys, those were my 5 practical ways you can successfully build tension and make any girl want to kiss you.

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make a girl want to kiss you

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