Picking Up Women on the Subway/Metro

Pop Quiz

What are you doing while riding the Subway/Metro?

A – Listening to Music

B – Texting

C – Updating your Facebook/Twitter

D – Reading your Kindle or local Newspaper

E – Talking To Girls

All but one of the above activities are what most guys do when on the train.  Which one of these seems misplaced? If you picked E you’re on the right track (no pun intended). And because of this your automatically at an advantage.

You see, most guys don’t talk to girls on the train, which leaves it a highly untapped market to meet some really great girls.  Best of all it, due to the nature of the environment conversations with girls are fast, quick and easy so there’s less of a chance of you saying something that may screw it up.

Train rides are usually boring and girls are for the most part alone. This is your chance to be different and make it a great experience for some lucky girl.  No cock-blocking friends, no loud music and definitely no competition from other men.  Its an almost perfect environment.

In this video, you’ll learn how to approach women at the train terminal, platform or even on the train itself.  Watch the video, then next time you’re on the train you’ll know exactly what to do when you see that cutie.

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How to approach a girl on the phone

Approaching A Girl On The Phone – [Infield Video]

When approaching women during the day time, most guys avoid “awkward” situations. For example, they avoid approaching when a woman is on the phone, with her mom, pushing her baby in a stroller, eating food, etc. because it seems harder and riskier.  But, is it really?

Women realize that it takes a lot of courage and confidence to approach in those types of “unorthodox” situations. Therefore, you actually get MORE attraction when you approach. Yeah, that’s right, these approaches that seem harder, are actually easier because she will instantly be more attracted.

Here is a Golden Rule of Attraction:  “Understand what MOST guys do in a given situation, and instead of doing what they do, do something bold.”

Trust me, I approach women in these situations all the time and you can actually see the attraction for you written on their face. It’s pretty nice.

And, really these approaches aren’t any harder or riskier than any other situation. You just need to “Acknowledge The Reality”.

Acknowledging the reality is a simple technique of stating whatever the problem is. So, in the case of a girl on talking on the phone if I just went up and said, “Hey you are too cute” I would come off as rude and socially inept.

Instead, acknowledge the reality by saying, “Hey, I know you are on the phone and this is so rude, but you are too cute I had to say ‘hi’.” It doesn’t seem rude at all.  In fact, it allows you to come off as very confident and socially bold.

So instead of avoiding these scenarios, begin to look for girls on the phone, with their mom, shopping in lingerie stories, etc. and “Acknowledge The Reality” and you will see a huge surge of immediate attraction.

So get out there and find women in “awkward” situations and approach them!

You will see the results and be thanking me later.  Here is an infield video to show you how it is done (Excuse the audio quality).  Write your questions in the comments section down below.

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