Do Girls Want You To Shut Up – Or Keep Talking? (How To Talk To Girls)

Most guys have NO IDEA how to talk to girls.

Here is the deal:  If she can predict what you are about to say, then her brain will shut off in an effort to be efficient.

In other words… If you are a typical, boring, and predictable guy,  she will dismiss you.

And that is a big problem because you can’t seduce a woman if she is not listening to you.

Want to know why the Loud and Obnoxious ASSHOLE gets the girl?  Because he keeps her on her toes.  He is unpredictable. He is exciting.

You see, if you talk like every other guy, if your opinions are like every other guy, if you dress like every other guy… then she will just see you as another guy.


Here’s the Magic Key to success with women: Do the opposite of what the majority of guys do.

This applies to your conversations also.  We don’t want to have the same boring conversations.  We like excitement, drama, surprise endings,  and action.

So, the most obvious way to spice up your conversations is to have an interesting life so you have compelling stories. Yes, do that.

However, if you know what you are doing, you can make ANYTHING interesting.

Let me explain what I mean.

When conversing, it is not what you say, but HOW you say it.  You can be talking about the paint on the wall (possibly the most boring topic ever) but depending on how you say it, she will either be bored out of her mind, or hooked like a baby hearing music for the first time.

So how do you talk to girls in a way that isn’t BORING?

Use Pattern Interrupts.

Pattern Interrupts are things that jolt you out of your current mindless state. For example, let’s say as you are here reading this, a SHOTGUN FIRES inside the room!!

Would you stay in a carefree and relaxed attitude or would you perk up with alertness and fear?

That is a pattern interrupt.  It gives you a sudden shift in your emotional state.  There are a few ways to do this during your interactions with women.

1.  Use Vocal Variety

At a basic level, this means to not speak like a robot.  Vary your volume, your tone, and the pace of your words to captivate your listener.

In general,  it is best to speak louder because it shows confidence and power. Right now, start the habit of speaking about 20% louder. Speaking slower and softer has its time too, especially when you are getting intimate with a woman.

While you speak, emphasize some words and then deemphasize others.  This keeps your listener paying attention.  Speed up, slow down… change it up.

2. Use Emotional Power Phrases

Words have the power to trigger emotion… some more than others.  So when speaking, use words that stimulate emotions.

For example,  what phrase triggers your emotion more –

– fish  vs  great white shark?

– a tree fell on my house  vs  A monstrous three-story tree came crashing down on my house

– I want to kiss you  vs  I want to pin you against the wall and kiss you all over your body

What you want to do is shock their emotional system just a bit.  Some people do this by being vulgar and offensive, however, that is not necessary.

If you want to hear an example of how to do this, listen to Dane Cook. He is not the funniest comedian, however his words are strong and in your face. He almost commands that you pay attention to him.

Use Pattern Interrupts.

Remember, stand out and be bold. You got this.


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How to pick up girls at the gym

How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym WITHOUT Being Creepy

You are at the gym, and there is a beautiful girl in yoga pants doing squats… every guy is staring at her but no one has the balls to go talk to her.

So what do you do?

In this post, let’s break down how to pick up girls at the gym.

Use social value to your advantage. Everywhere you go, you should be friendly and engaging with people, both guys and girls.  Women have an intuitive sense about guys.  They get a sense of who you are just by the way people interact with you.

Talk to the people at the front when you come in, make sure they know who you are.  Befriend the guys and girls that are regulars.  It is important to talk to ALL girls, not just the hot ones.  This works to your advantage for two reasons… 1. The girl you are not attracted to may have a very attractive friend. 2.  The women you do want, will see you talking to other girls and get a little jealous.

Play It Slow. If you and her both go to the gym regularly, then you can count on seeing her again.  Most guys will make the mistake of rushing it. That is fine if you don’t think you will ever see her again.  In that case, use the CQC Method to get her number right away.  For the most part, you can build more attraction and desire if you play it slow.  Let her see you be consistent at the gym. Let her see you pushing some weight.  And let her see you converse with everyone.  This will make her want you more.

The first time you see her, smile and say hi.  The next time you see her smile, introduce yourself, and have a short chat. Then each day you see her, flirt with her just a little bit to create a sexual tension.  If you do this right, she will start giving you strong signals.  Signals that indicate she wants you to make a move.  Once you get those signals, strike while the iron is hot and it will be easy.  Ask her out stud!