[Infield Video] How To Date A Girl Without Speaking The Same Language

You should have seen her face when I showed her this video!

Her reaction was priceless. Of course, I told her what I do on our first “real” date – well as best I could given the language barrier – however, she had no idea the entire approach was filmed until our 3rd date when I came clean and showed her the video.

We both had a good laugh.

And she agreed that I could share it with you so you could see….

  • That you do NOT need to speak the same language to make a lasting impression and intimate connection
  • How crucial it is to appear unaffected by her rejections
  • How to escalate and go for the kiss within minutes of meeting her
  • How to go for an instant date right there on the spot
  • How to use TOUCHING and body language to overcome the language barrier

Watch the full approach:

Could you see how persistent I was in going for the kiss? And even though she denied me TWICE I didn’t let it affect me.

Women appreciate a man who goes for what he wants and is persistent, as long as he is NOT needy about it.

So I hope that motivates you to go for girls even if they don’t speak your language.

Remember, escalate sooner rather than later.


Matt Artisan

Leonardo DiCaprio Shows YOU How To Seduce A Girl In Under 2-Minutes

Sexual tension is the key to seduction.

Knowing how to properly utilize sexual tension is like harnessing a super power that will drive a women crazy with overwhelming desire and makes her obsess over you. That’s why it is crucial that you use this power only for good.

The key to creating sexual tension is in the following 3 elements:

The Look: A strong seductive gaze that subcommunicates “I will give you the utmost sexual satisfaction…if you play your cards right,” will instantly turn her on.

Tonality: Talking in a slow, low tone can put someone into a hypnotic state. Amp up the sexual tension even more by using…..wait for it…..long drawn out pauses.

Showing Your Desire: Most “nice guys” are afraid to convey their desire for a woman. But, women instinctually crave to be desired by a powerful, confident man. Demonstrating your desire towards her in a non-needy manner is key.

Watch as Leonardo DiCaprio uses these 3 core components of sexual tension to seduce the cigarette girl in this scene from the movie The Aviator:

Could you feel the sexual tension?

Now, I understand that is a movie, however, what he just did right there works. He is conveying strong sexual confidence. A guy that is timid or nervous around women would not have been able to do that.

Practice these elements of sexual tension. We will revisit this topic at another time. Now go out and seduce some beautiful women. They want it anyways…