How to Spark Sexual Tension Within Seconds of Meeting Her…

Look man, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Want to avoid the friend zone? Spark sexual tension.

Want to make her obsessed with you? Spark sexual tension.

Want to get her in bed fast? Spark sexual tension.

But did you know that you can trigger sexual tension the very first moment you meet her? You don’t have to wait until the end of the first date.

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Picking Up Russian Girls in Belarus

This was the BIGGEST REJECTION ever!

And, it wasn’t even from a cute girl.

No, it was from the 60 year old Russian lady behind the counter at the Belarus Embassy in Vilnius.

She was denying me a visa. But why?

Could she possibly know my intentions? Hmmm maybe. I mean, why would anyone ever want to go to Belarus? There’s nothing really to do or see there.

Unless, like me, you are interested in a huge untapped market.

Imagine a place full of tall, slender, absolutely stunning blue eyed, dark hair super-model-looking girls who have NEVER met a westerner before.

This was a potential soviet gold mine.

But, as I knew, most of the women would not speak a lick of English. Challenge accepted!

Finally, after begging and pleading with the unpleasant embassy gestapo who stood between me and my mecca of models, I was given the visa.

A sly grin crept across my face. This was going to be fun.

The two cities I visited, Minsk and Vitebsk, were fairly dull in my opinion so don’t expect any amazing tourism if you choose to visit.

Contrary to the stereotype of Russian’s being very cold and unfriend, my approaches were very well received. Besides my ridiculously good looks, flawless approaching skills, and obviously humble attitude, their friendliness may have been attributed to the fact that most of them had never met someone from the land of the free before.

In fact, I even got approached by two girls while I was out doing approaches! They asked me if I was lost or needed any help with anything. This has NEVER happened to me anywhere else in the entire world!

While on my week long stay in Belarus I went on multiple dates with 3 different girls, all of which were complete knockouts.

I definitely plan on returning again this Summer after I acquire a visa to Russia (Russia and Belarus have no border patrol).

THIS VIDEO was shot in the smaller city of Vitebsk.

Watch this video to see some of the approaches…

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