Send Her “THIS TEXT” After You Get Her Number | Texting Girls Tips part 2

In today’s video, I show you what to say in the first text you send a girl.

You need to differentiate yourself from other guys. I’ll also show you what to text for various situations, including what to text her if you met her at a bar and want to meet up late at night.

This video was shot at one of our 7 day Boot Camps. Speaking of… make sure to check out the Boot Camp Schedule.

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The Legendary Guide To Texting Girls

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How To Approach Women In A Store | Infield Video

In today’s video, I show you how to approach a girl that walks into a store.

I’m showing you this because I see too many guys in our boot camps stop once she goes into a store.

There are only a few circumstances where you should not approach. When in doubt, just approach her.

Remember, she wants a man to sweep her off of her feet.

And that man is YOU… stud.

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