The Art of Closing: Part 1 – Logistics

What’s going on fellas?! Hope you’re out there taking steps towards the person you want to be. Today we have a KEY topic that can transform you from amateur to pro. Listen up!

There are many subskills of game that one must master on this road of personal development. One of the most important skills of all is…….CLOSING! It doesn’t matter how great your approaches are, how funny she thought you were, how turned on she was, etc.

If you can’t make something happen it was all for nothing. At the end of the day, it’s all about RESULTS. Whether you’re looking for the one or the one right now, every sexual relationship starts with….

You guessed it. ACTUAL RESULTS. So today, we’re here to help you get the results you’re looking for. Ready?

Have you ever been talking to a girl for hours thinking, “oh it’s on”, just to find out she can’t come over because she works early tomorrow? Or because she has to drive her friends home? Or any number of blindsiding reasons? Well, after reading this article, those days are over.

Over the next 3 posts, I’ll break down the closing process into three parts: LOGISTICS, PULLING and HANDLING OBJECTIONS.

Today, we’ll be talking all about LOGISTICS.


Figuring out logistics is one of the most important cruxes of game. There are gaming issues (e.g., not enough trust or rapport) and there are logistical issues (e.g., she flies out in an hour). Logistical issues are much harder to overcome. Fortunately for you, we have your back.

They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Knowing her logistics is your preparation.

With logistics, you can better navigate the seduction process and come up with a plan. They say, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Well said.

If you know the logistics aren’t in your favor, you can decide to just get the number and keep approaching. If she has good logistics you can decide to put all your eggs in her basket.

If she is with her boyfriend you can decide to leave. If she is with her friends you can tell her to introduce you to them to avoid getting cockblocked (more on this in a later post).

By understanding logistics, you can come up with a game plan so your night will have a happy ending (no Thai massage required). Remember, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

By figuring out logistics, you’ll become very efficient with your time and energy. You’ll only commit to the most promising girls. This alone will vastly improve your results. Logistics help you determine which girls to stick with and which ones to leave.

For most guys, hooking up with a girl just happens by accident. With logistics, you are the master of your ship steering it towards your harbor.

If you want to score, you have to put yourself in front of the goal as often as possible. 

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It’s the concept of figuring out all the essential information you need so you can determine the chances of taking your girl to your place, her place, the great outdoors or anywhere something can happen.


  • Who are you here with?
  • How do you girls know each other?
  • What area do you live in?
  • How did you get here?
  • What are you doing after this?
  • What are you doing tomorrow?

These questions help you understand her situation and how they may affect your chances.

  • Who are you here with is a good way to find out if she has a boyfriend.
  • How do you know each other gives you an idea of the relationship dynamics. Once I asked this and found out the guy the girl was with was just someone at the same vacation hotel that she just met. Knowing that allowed me to just cut him out completely compared to if that was her best friend I would have to entertain them both.
  • What area do you live in lets you know how far she lives from you. The closer the better.
  • How did you get here gives you an idea if she is responsible for getting people home or free to leave with you.
  • What are you doing after this and tomorrow morning gives you an idea of her future plans. If she has no plans and doesn’t have anything to do early in the morning then this is your best bet.

There are also situational questions that give you an idea of how much time you have to work with. If she is from out of town you might ask, when do you leave?  If on a train, what stop are you getting off at? 


You want to figure out her logistics ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you can decide whether to stick with your girl or not. It’s all about opportunity cost.

In the 3 hours you spent with this girl who had a boyfriend (you didn’t know because you didn’t get her logistics), you could’ve found the perfect girl for you.

Even though you want to figure out her logistics ASAP, you don’t want to interrogate her.  It’s important to pepper them into the conversation rather than rapid fire questions.  You should have a basic understanding of her logistics within the first 10 minutes.

Another benefit of asking logistical questions early on is when you run out of things to say, you can replace the small talk like, how’s the weather? with a logistical question that moves you forward.


Equally important to her logistics are……YOURS! This is a step most guys forget. Not you. It’s important you set yourself up for success.

What does that mean? It means expect to bring a girl home when you go out. You should always have condoms on you (you never know where the night may go).

Have your room clean so you can avoid that frantic cleaning rush while she uses the bathroom.

Do you know how you’re getting home? How long can you stay out for? Do you have music, tv or movies you can quickly throw on so you don’t kill the mood fumbling around? Do you have food or drinks to plant the seed? (More on this in the next post).

Have your house set up for home field advantage.


Let’s say you met a girl with poor logistics so you got her number and arranged a date. There are a few logistics you want to think about for the date.

The most important part is the location.

  • What’s the distance from her place and your place?
  • Is it close enough for her to realistically say yes to?
  • Is it close enough to conveniently suggest stopping at your place after? It will be much easier to pull a girl when your place is a 5-minute walk over a 30-minute drive.

You also want to bounce around to a few places.  By changing the environment it seems like you spent more time than you have since you’ve done more. The more shared experiences, the more comfortable she’ll feel and the more she’ll like you.

The ideal date is one that is fun and near your home, so you can make a few stops that get closer and closer to your place.

An example would be: grab a quick bite to eat with drinks at one of your favorite places down the road. Then, dessert at a place that’s even closer to you. From there, you could grab a drink at a place right next to yours, and end the night at your place.


Alright, so now you know about logistics. It’s time for some exercises.

  1. First, write out the logistical questions until you can recall them all from memory. You don’t want to forget the questions while you’re out approaching. The benefit of memorizing the questions is if you don’t know what to say, you can default to a logistical question opposed to a boring one. At least this way, you move the interaction forward.
  2. Next time you are out approaching your mission is to ask at least one logistical question to every girl you approach. What you do repeatedly becomes a habit so make it a habit of finding out her logistics.


Check out parts 2 and 3 of the Art of Closing series.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and they’re sure to be answered.

Also, share an experience you had when logistics helped you bring a beautiful girl home or caused you to drop the ball when going for gold.

Leave a comment below.

Happy gaming!

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