How To Make Her WANT To Give You A Blow Job

It’s the golden question for every guy…

How exactly do you get a woman to give you a blowjob?

Sometimes, it’s her “time” of month – and other times, she’s just not feelin’ turned on as much as you are.

This leaves most guys blue ballin’… just shy of getting exactly what they’d hoped for…

Well not anymore, because in today’s video, I’ll teach you How To Make Her WANT to Give You A Blow Job… turning a “dull” situation hot & heavy… and actually get her EXCITED to go down on you.

But you can’t just say “how about a BJ!?” I mean you can say that but it’s just not all that romantic, which means she’s less likely to just jump down there. You can do better than that romeo!

So instead try this….

  • When things are getting all hot and heavy but she doesn’t want to go all the way say, Actor: “Well I could just go into the bathroom and finish there……. but I have a better idea. How about I do it here and I will let you watch”
  • Matt: “let you watch!” classic!
  • So basically: “When in doubt whip it out.” That’s my motto. But seriously, this will turn her on so after a minute or two of stroking yourself try to get her involved. You can ask her to rub your thigh. Make sure to tell her that this turns you on.  As she gets more and more turned try putting her hand even closer, I think you know what i mean.
  • Then after a minute just say, “He really likes it when you give him a little kiss” she’ll most likely go for that because you should have gotten her all hot and bothered at that point. So there you have it blow job city
  • Remember to tell her how much you enjoy it and how great she is at it so that she will want to do it again in the future. A good rule of thumb is whenever you see a behavior you like from a girl, reward her with positive praise and see how eager she is to please you again.

So there you have it, a super smooth way to make your girl WANT to give you a bj.

Now obviously this is late in the interaction, and this will only work if you have sexual tension with a girl.  So I posted a video where I show you exactly what to say and do to spark a sexual vibe and sexual tension immediately.

Enjoy! 😉

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