make a girl kiss you first

3 Ways To Make A Girl KISS YOU First

Want to know how to make a girl kiss you first?

Going for the kiss can be nerve-wracking… What if she pulls away? Gives you a disgusting look? Or just flat out denies you? Those experiences are never good…

Which is why in this video, I’m going to reveal 3 ways to make HER want to kiss YOU first – so you can avoid the embarrassment of possible rejection and enjoy watching her make the first move.

So here’s the deal. It’s a natural human response that when one person creates tension the other person will typically try to release it. Think about a crowd laughing at a comedian’s joke.

Sexual tension is key. Without it, well you can trick her into kissing you but that’s not going to help you score any points.

But, when you create sexual tension with a woman, as long as you do it the right way that I’m about to show you, she will want to break that tension and she’ll usually do it by kissing you.

So let’s start off with the least tense and we’ll move on to the most sexually intense.

  1. If you just want a kiss and you don’t really care about how well it works well there’s always the old Ninja sneak attack. This is a classic and well, sometimes classics should die. Simply tell her to kiss you on the cheek and then turn your head. Bam sneak attack! It’s a little cheezy but hey it works. But you will only get a small kiss at best. So here’s what I would do:  as long as she doesn’t look totally disgusted, just say something like, “hmm tastes like vanilla, let me find out” and go for a full on makeout.

Now let’s move on to something a little better.

  1. Next you can Play a game that you are sure to win. And the prize is that she has to give you a kiss. So you could say “let’s play a game if i lose i’ll buy you a drink and if you lose you owe me a kiss” This is a great way to find out how much she likes you. If she gives you a face like this then you might have your work cut out for you.

Now you can play any game you want but I recommend something simple, like…

  • Thumb wrestling.  And you better beat her at thumb wrestling. If not that’s just really sad.  Come on she’s a girl!
  • Another game you can try is a Staring contest. Make sure you are really good at it or just make up your own rules.
    • I have a fun version of a staring contest that I like to do. I say the rules are that you are allowed to blink, but you can’t laugh, look away or move your head. Then I just get closer, and closer, and closer until we are either smacking lips or she loses. Hey, either way, I win!
  1. Now my favorite way to get a girl to kiss me is called The Almost Kiss

At any point in the date you can say, “you know what, it’s time for an almost kiss. This is how it works, we get really close like we are about to kiss but we can’t kiss. Ok promise you won’t kiss me” and explain to her that you can get as close as you can without having your lips touch.

This has the added benefit of creating a really intimate memorable moment and creates a lot of sexual tension. Make sure you pull away after a few seconds and don’t actually kiss her.

Then after several minutes go for it again. “It’s time for another almost kiss” This time the sexual tension will likely be too much for her and she will usually end up kissing you.

So try that out man. And if all else fails, just grab the girl and kiss her.

Girls love it when the guy goes for what he wants! 

Now, want to see how I apply sexual tension within seconds of meeting her? Well, I have a free training video where I show you exactly what to say to spark a sexual vibe immediately.

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never run out of things to say

How To NEVER Run Out Of Things To Say On A Date

Discover how to never run out of things to say during a date!

And that’s with a girl you REALLY like…

Did you ever just run out of things to say? The awkward silence is unbearable… and it definitely doesn’t help your chances of making her like you. But that’s okay because there’s an EASY way to make sure that never happens again…

In this video, Matt Artisan reveals one fail-proof technique to never running out of things to say on a date – so you never have to experience awkward silence again.

I’m going to give you one of my favorite techniques to use on a date. I use this on all of my dates because it’s a fun way to create a connection with her and also leads into a more sexual vibe.

The technique that I like to use to always keep the conversation going is The Questions Game.

At any point in the date just say, “hey let’s play a game it’s called the questions game. it’s a fun way to get to know each other. It’s kind of like truth or dare but without the dare.”

Now let me explain the Rules…

Rule #1: You can’t ask the same question that’s already been asked. So no repeat questions.

Rule #2: The questions have to be good. No lame questions like what’s your favorite color or what’s your dog’s name. Keep it interesting, topics such as relationships, sex, digging up dirt, secrets, are all fair game.

Rule # 3: She goes first. This is fun because it puts some pressure on the girl. It also let’s you know where her head is at. If she asks a sexual question right away then you might want to cut the game short and high tail it back to your place.

But generally speaking you want to start off with…

Interesting Questions to Get To Know Each Other.

“If we could go anywhere in the world right now where would we go?”

“If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?”

“What’s your biggest fear?”

“What is something you are really proud of?”

“Tell me an embarrassing moment”

Then after a while start transitioning into

Relationship Questions

“What kind of relationship are you looking for right now?”
“Have you ever had a one night stand?”

“What qualities do you like in a man?”

“Would you rather have a man that is an amazing lover or has lots of money? why?”

“What is your craziest or worst first date you ever had?”

And then Relationship questions flow right into

Sexual Questions

“What’s your favorite position?”
“What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?”

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“How many partners have you had”

It’s a game people so anything is fair game. She can’t get mad that you asked a really sexual question because it’s just a game!

Remember that any of her answers can turn into a full-fledged conversation, just say something like “wow you have to tell me that story.” And then just go into normal conversation and storytelling.

So the great thing is that you can always go back to the question game when you can’t think of anything to say. When the conversations dies down and there’s an awkward silence just say, “hmm who’s turn was it”? And then bam you are right back into the game again.

So there you have it. This game is awesome so Try this out on your next date or even the next time you meet a girl and leave a comment down below and tell me how it works for you.

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make a girl sexually addicted to you

3 Ways To Make A Girl Sexually Addicted To You

What I’m about to share are not your common “how-to-be-good-in-bed” techniques. How to make a girl sexually addicted to you is in-depth powerful stuff.

In this video, I’ll reveal 3 ways to make her sexually addicted to you. Use these on girls you really like and they’ll be sure to feel massive sexual attraction towards you.

Imagine you had the power to please any woman to the point that she wanted to have sex with you all the time.  That’d be awesome right?! Well, there’s good news, because orgasms are highly addictive. In fact, brain scans of women during orgasm look very similar to that of someone shooting heroin. Because of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change form and function, repeated orgasms create the same path of addiction as a drug, producing changes to the dopamine pleasure circuit in the brain.

So all you have to do is give her a bunch of orgasms, right? Well yeah, but most women don’t even have one orgasm the first time they sleep with a new partner.

But you are going to be the exception. In fact you are going to give her multiple orgasms, and, as the source of her hits of dopamine, she will become sexually addicted to you.

Tip # 1:

Give her an orgasm before you have sex with her. Trust me, most guys don’t this. They just rush to the finish line. So make it a rule to make her cum before sex.

Feel free to do it however you like, use your fingers, use your tongue, you can even use a toy. Just make sure she cums at least once before you start having sex with her.

Tip # 2:

Make her squirt. Statistics show that only 12% of women between the age of 18 and 25 have ever squirted. So if you can give her a sexual experience that she’s never had before then she’ll be craving you even when you are not with her.

To make her squirt you have to stimulate the g-spot which is about 2 inches on the roof of the vagina. So instead of moving your fingers in and out you are going to want to make a come hither motion. Then as she’s getting really lubricated you want to start going harder and faster. Whatever you do, don’t stop even as she is squirting.  Keep going and you’ll probably make her squirt several times. Now she might feel like she is about to pee. But that’ normal. That’s just the feeling a girl has right before she squirts. And well if she does pee all over your bed well that’s my bad, sorry. I guess I owe you a new mattress.

To learn how to make her squirt check out this article on How to Make Her Squirt Easily.

Tip # 3:

Become a multi-orgasmic man. Because a lot of women only focus on the man’s pleasure the first time they have sex with a new partner so it’s very difficult for her to have an orgasm.

So if you could last 2 or 3 times she’d be now concentrating more on herself and would be more likely to climax. But how do you last 2 or 3 times?  As a man, this might sound ridiculous or even impossible.

Well, it’s simple, after you’ve had your first orgasm just switch to other forms of stimulation like oral sex. Go down on her for a while until your mojo comes back and then go for a round.

It’s also important to not to waste all your mojo on your hand or favorite sock. Save it for the real thing.

Another option is to learn tantric sex. Some tantric practices teach men how to get off multiple times in a single session without ejaculation and with no recovery period AND they can ever have prolonged orgasms that last for over one minute.  

I just blew your mind! And it’s better to blow your mind than blow your load. 

And here’s the deal,  if you can have 2 or 3 orgasms during one session she will think you are a sex ninja and probably tell all of her friends about you.

And here’s the best news of all, even if you just do 1 of these tips that I just gave you, you will probably be the best lover she’s ever had. And that’s not a bad thing. Just be warned that she might start calling you and show up at your house unexpected, so be ready to perform.   

Now some of you might be wondering how to even get a girl into your bed.

Sign off:

Now, we have a free training video where I break down hidden camera footage of me going from an approach to an instant date in under 3 minutes. Yup, I show you exactly what I say to create a sexual vibe from the beginning and escalate to a date quickly.

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