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Turn A Girl On – Say THIS To Make Her Rip Your Clothes Off

In this video, I share one phrase I used that turned a woman on so much it made her rip my clothes off. I also reveal the psychology behind why this works, and how you can use this to attract women you like. You can turn a girl on instantly with this!

So I want you to start using Command words in your interactions so she sees you as a real man who is clear in communicating what he wants. Now, I’m not saying you should be overly commanding and always tell women  what to do, but women love a guy who is in control and knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to tell her. (Insert video clips of famous men using command words with ladies. Look at craig fergason, russel brand, ryan gosling, etc)

– So stop asking her questions about what she wants to do and instead make statements. For example instead of saying, “hey want to go play pool?” say “let’s go play pool” And instead of “is it okay if we go to another venue?” say “I want to go to another venue let’s go”  or “how about we go get a drink” can become “come on let’s get a drink”; or “where would you like to go next?” can be “I know this great place we can go to next.”

This keeps you in control. And of course if she doesn’t want to do the thing you suggest don’t argue just suggest something else.

– Now I like to use this as a joke sometimes.  If she makes a command like “let’s go shoot some pool” I might say, “we’ll go play pool when I’m ready to play pool” then I’ll wait like 3 seconds and say “Okay I’m ready to play pool” And I’ll say it with a cheeky smirk. This get’s a nice little laugh and allows you to take the lead.

– Now this applies throughout the entire dating interaction all the way to the bedroom. Have you ever had a girl get really aroused when you are fooling around and she says “fuck me now” well most guys respond with an –overly enthusiastic “OK!”. Which isn’t bad but what would be a lot better is to say, “I’ll fuck you when I’m ready to fuck you”. This will really turn her on because it shows her that even in bed you are still in control which allows her to surrender to your pleasure. And as a bonus it creates tons of anticipation because she knows it’s going to happen but she doesn’t know when.

So the point is stay in control of the situation at all times AND instead of asking questions make statements.  A lot of girls on dates don’t want to make too many decisions so just make the choices for her.

But like I said earlier. Allow her to give input. Don’t be a dick.

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