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How to Actually Get Good At Meeting Women

It’s been a pleasure helping out tons of guys on boot camps, teaching them the best way to meet women and how to take it further.

When I first started working for The Attractive Man, I asked Matt, “What’s the number one thing I should do to get better?” You know what his response was?


I’ve heard about field reports before but never did one. Didn’t think I needed to.

“If I just keep taking action, of course, I’ll get better!” I thought. I was WRONG.

Yes, you’ll get better. But at best, you’ll be intermediate. That’s where I found myself. I would get the occasional, 8 or 9 but it was never consistent. Some nights I would go home with an 8. Some nights a 6 or 7. And other nights completely empty-handed, frustrated. That was until I started doing field reports.

In the first month of doing field reports, I got with over 10 girls!

At the time I was working with The Attractive Man, I just graduated college and was vacationing abroad with an English friend of mine in London. This was the best month of my life!! Not just because I was traveling through Europe, but the results with women and crazy sex adventures I was having consistently!

My game grew more in that first month than it did in YEARS! I couldn’t believe the results.

Here’s why: I stopped making the same mistakes.

best way to meet women, don't make the same mistakes

Because I wasn’t reflecting on what I was doing wrong on my nights out, I kept making the same mistakes. Ever feel like you keep banging your head against walls, too? Want to know the best way to meet women and take it further, consistently?

Once I started doing field reports, I recognized the mistakes I was making and then corrected them.

Practice isn’t enough. Deliberate practice is what gets results.

By doing field reports, you’re able to eliminate, one by one, the mistakes you make. What naturally starts to happen is you make less and fewer mistakes which drastically improves your results. Every day you’re getting better.

Guess what field reports lead to? MORE GIRLS of YOUR CHOICE!

How To Write A Field Report

Every night after going out, write out:

Best way to meet women, write field reports

  • Her name
  • How you approached
  • 3 things that went well (approaching is always #1)
  • 3 things that could’ve gone better
  • 1 lesson learned to apply tomorrow
  • Repeat for 2 more girls (Usually, I’ll write a field report on the worst interaction, best interaction and average interaction)

Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept)

  1. Beginners: Do ONE field report by tomorrow
  2. Advanced: Do ONE field report 3 days in a row

Alright, guys, that’s my best way to meet women. Progress with every approach using Field Reports!

Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation.

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How to french kiss a girl

How To French Kiss A Girl & Make Her Want More (Live Demo)

Want to be an expert french kisser? I’ll show you How To French Kiss A Girl And Make Her Want More!

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We’ve all been there before…

That awkward moment when you’re going for the kiss for the first time.

Maybe you’re a little bit nervous? But hopefully, you don’t make a fool of yourself.

Listen, it’s important the first kiss is amazing because most women equate being a good kisser with being good in bed. Show her what you can do with your tongue, and it’ll be a teaser for what you can do with her later! Learn how to french kiss a girl to start strong and escalate!

I still remember one of those first make-out experiences. I was in junior high, and I used to hail this group of girls, and we were in that experimental phase? One day we’re sitting in one of the girls’ houses, and all four of them starts to laugh and giggle, and I didn’t know why. Well, it turns out one of the girls had a huge crush on me, and the other three girls convinced her to kiss me. It was a complete disaster! I slobbered all over this poor girl’s face, and it was so bad she even called me out in front of her friends and told me I needed to swallow my saliva before, and while I was kissing her. You know what they say: “You live, you learn.”

So don’t make your french kiss an epic failure like my first one.

How To French Kiss A Girl

Start by making strong eye contact with her and swallow any excess saliva. I like to brush her hair out of her face and run my hand through her hair to the back of her head and keep it there.

Close the distance and lean in. Remember the 90/10 rule; you should move in 90%, and she should move in 10%, but if she doesn’t move in herself just go for the kiss. In learning how to french kiss a girl, you should remember that Men make the move and take control.

Start the kiss with your mouth and eyes closed. When your lips connect, that’s when open your mouth and use your tongue. Don’t go all out with your mouth wide open and tongue out to start. Remember, the idea isn’t to eat her face! Generally speaking, I think about it like a paintbrush and make a sweeping motion with my tongue against hers.

This is where calibration comes into play, and you can start making judgment calls based on how she likes to be kissed, or how you want to make her feel the kiss.

For instance, if the vibe calls for it you can either:

  • Make it feel more dominant by holding her tighter and kissing her harder if she loves it rough.
  • Soften it up and make it feel more passionate if you feel like she’s more of the gentle type,

How to french kiss a girl – PRO TIP: ALWAYS end the kiss first, and pull away with strong eye contact. 

There you have it! Now you can kiss like a champ! So get out there and get some practice!

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I’ll see you next time! I’m out! Cheers!

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? Or is that just an excuse poor guys tell themselves to justify the lack of women in their life? Well, the answer might shock you!

I am finally going to answer the question “Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?”

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The Common Misconception.

Look, I’m so sick of guys whining and complaining that women only want moneySaying that you need to be rich to get hot girls. That’s f*cking wrong. If you’ve asked yourself Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? Then the answer is a plain and simple NO.

Allow me to explain. First of all, it’s true that women ONLY care about ONE THING. How you make her feel. It’s not about the money. It’s about how the guy with the money makes her feel.

If you’ve ever take one of my courses, you understand that the most influential thing in a woman’s life. The thing she bases all of her decisions on… what car she buys, what neighborhood she lives in, and what guy she sleeps with has to do with one thing… How safe and secure she feels.

So let me ask you – do you think she will feel more secure with a guy that has lots of money or a guy that is flat broke?

She obviously feels more secure with a guy that is well off, that’s why women tend to look for guys with decent jobs. It’s a more “safe” situation for her. Again, Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? No, they’re attracted to Men who make them feel secure.

Even Without Money, You Can Make Women Feel Secure.

Now, that being said, if you are poor and stressed out about money, then she will feel very unsafe and stressed out, which releases the stress hormone cortisol making it very difficult for her to get turned on and aroused. That’s why girls are not typically attracted to guys with no money!

BUT – As I said before, it’s about how you make her feel. Just because a guy has money doesn’t mean she will feel “safe and secure.” If you have a ton of money, but you have a scarcity mindset, and you are afraid you’ll lose your money then she won’t feel safe either. She will still feel stressed out.

And I’m sure you’ve seen guys who are dead broke that do incredibly well with women. It’s because they feel secure about their money situation. You can be making pennies, but if the girl can see that you are 100% confident and secure in your future, then she will probably be attracted to you.

For example, when I was a struggling musician, I was making no money. But I had passion, and I believed I was going to be a rock star. Yeah, I know pretty funny. But I had confidence, drive, and determination, even though I had no money, I made women feel safe because I had the attributes of someone who would become successful in the future.  

Have The Attributes That Make Men Attractive!

Think of it like this, as a man you probably want to sleep with beautiful women, particularly those with wide hips and big breasts, because instinctively it improves your chances of passing on your DNA and having healthy offspring.

Well, a woman’s instincts want a man that can keep her and her offspring safe and secure.

So what’s more important than having tons of money is having enough money to give her that security, and having the attributes, body language, groundedness and confidence that make her feel safe when she’s with you. 

Speaking of attractive attributes, A man with money typically has attributes and traits that helped him acquire his wealth. These traits are also very attractive to women, yet most guys just see the “money.” They don’t see the core characteristics of the man, such as leadership, decisiveness, assertiveness, passion, dedication, intelligence, confidence, status and influence. 

Do you think these are traits that women find desirable? Of course, they do! Its because they all influence her feeling of safety.

So if she sees a man wearing an expensive suit driving a Ferrari she can safely assume that that man has many of the traits she desires. The good news is that if you are broke yet you still demonstrate these traits, it is possible for you to succeed with women. But if you are broke and showing no drive, direction, or dedication and you just like to sit at home getting stoned playing Dungeons and Dragons all day long then most women will lose interests faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

Let’s break down 2 of these attributes:




Men with money usually have a lot of ambition, hints the reason they made their fortune. Women typically don’t find men who sit around wasting their life all that hot. A woman wants a man who knows his path and purpose in life and is on a mission to accomplish it. So if you are working a dead end job that you hate just to pay the bills, then it’s time to reconsider.

Stop playing it safe. Man up and take some risks. Stop asking questions like “Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?” or “Do I have any chances with Hot Women without Money?” and instead go out there and work on it yourself!

Even if you haven’t hit the big bucks yet, when you talk about your passion and purpose women will find your ambition and enthusiasm highly attractive. As I said, I used to play in a band when I was younger. And I got a lot of girls, even though we were hardly famous and we were in a lot of debt. But we had drive and ambition, and women like that.


Many men with money also have power, fame, and status. All female primates find status attractive! The high-status male in the mammal kingdom has better access to resources which means more bananas for her and her offspring. But you don’t need money to be high status. That’s why you don’t hear women raving about the richest men in the world. Even though they have access to more resources, they don’t look or act like high-status men.

So instead of flaunting your diamond necklace and gold plated shoes or writing your number on the back of an ATM receipt that you found in the trash. Walk, talk and act high status. Move slow and calm. Speak with authority and volume. Walk with purpose. Stand tall with your shoulders back. Make strong eye contact. Approach women with confidence instead of nervousness and your high-status body language will make you appear more attractive to women.

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? NO.

Don’t make the excuse that women only want money. Because this simply is not true. Work on making women feel safe around you, demonstrate high-status body language and have ambition and other qualities such as leadership, drive, passion and guess what, with those characteristics, you will also probably make a lot of money.

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Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? Well, the facts say they’re into men who make them feel SAFE and SECURE. So it’s not all about the money guys – keep that in mind!

I’m out! Cheers!

pick up lines

10 Pick Up Lines That Actually Work & Make Her Instantly Attracted

Do pick up lines actually work? They do if you know how to say them.

And let’s face it, there may come a time when you’re standing at the bar, and you see that stunner across the room, and your mind just goes completely blank, wondering what to say.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know what you say really isn’t that important but you have to say something. So why not say something to get a laugh?

So here are my Top 10 outrageous pickup lines that actually work.

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pick up lines

Now let’s get to the pick-up lines that work. Some are funny, and some are cheesy, but they work.

1. “I have this rule that I have to say hi to the hottest girl in the room…..can you help me say Hi to those girls over there!?”
This is a great bait and switch. She thinks you are going to give her a big compliment, and then you switch and trick her which should make her laugh. The pause is crucial. And during the pause, if you don’t want to do the switch that’s fine. But if the girls give a reaction like this (demo of bad reaction), then the switch can really work well.

2. “Sorry I’m late. Traffic was really bad. Did you get me a drink yet?”
This is a fun little role play that assumes you both already know each other and that she’s waiting for you. Works great if she’s sitting down. Just sit down with her and give it a try. Just don’t do what I used to do and say “yeah your mom called and you know how she gets she just talks and talks” “Oh yeah what did she say?? BC MY MOM IS DEAD! There’s just no recovering from that.

3. Me: “I just wanted to tell you that you are the second sexiest person in here.”
Her: “Who’s the first?”
Me: “Me of course.”
This is a great way to show your interest in her, and it’s obviously kind of cocky, but you’re in a bar and messing around so if she has a good personality she will laugh or start bantering back.

4. “Are you undressing me with your eyes. Hey, eyes up here. Is she always this bad?” OR I saw you checking me out just now. You could have just said hi instead of totally molesting me with your eyes.”
This is a fun little role reversal and also is super accusatory. Her friends will likely get a kick out of this.

5. “Do you believe in vampires? You should” then try to bite her neck.
For a club environment. This is playful and really sexual but in such a high energy environment it can actually work and even if she pulls away it shows that you don’t give a fuck and that you go for what you want in a fun way. .

6. “You look totally amazing almost like a female version of me.”
Another fun way to show your interest while also throwing in some cocky humor.

7. “I was going to wear that same outfit tonight.”
Obviously, she should be wearing something really girly like a dress or skirt. If she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt, it won’t work.

8. “If I could make you come with just one finger imagine what I could do with my whole body.”
This is really sexual and will probably get a laugh. You could always follow up with a restriction like, “but we have to behave I mean I just met you.”

9. You’re going to be my gf for the next 5 minutes. What are we going to do? Let’s build a fort….” If she seems not into it say, “you’re boring I’m breaking up with you”
Great role play. Make sure to break up with her after 5 minutes. You can even use this as a way to kiss her fast. “Well if you are my gf I have to see if you are a good kisser.”

10. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful….my eyes are?
Great bait and switch. You could also say, “wow you have really amazing…..eyes” to a woman with huge breasts. This works great on the big breasted vegas cocktail waitresses.

Do you want to know my favorite pickup line? It’s “Hi I’m Matt. I don’t think we’ve met yet. Who are you?” because it shows her that you don’t need a line or excuse to talk to her which actually shows confidence.

So do that and be genuine or start off by being playful using a line. It honestly doesn’t really matter as long as you say something and your vibe is fun, and you are not seeking approval.

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pick up lines

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I’m out! Cheers!