motivate yourself to meet women

Motivate Yourself to Meet Women

Look, I know you want to improve your dating life….

And sometimes while learning the game, you face challenges.

Learning how to meet women takes practice and discipline but sometimes lack of motivation and other priorities can get in the way.

So when times get tough, how do motivate yourself to go out and get the reps in?

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motivate yourself to meet women

Motivate Yourself to Meet Women!

TIP 1: No Fap

Although studies have actually shown that masturbation has little to no affect on your sex drive itself, it does affect your motivation to go out and meet real women. Think about it… If you could get the rush of chemicals from Hand-Solo all while never leaving your man cave, mentally there becomes less of a reason to go out and hunt, but it’s the hunt that makes you strong, and it’s the failures that make the taste of success all the sweeter. Every time you make a choice you are building a habit so why not choose to put the time to Master a skill that will help you in other aspects of your life that’s useful forever.

So Instead of taking the easy road to instant gratification make a rule for yourself…

TIP 2: Accountability Partner

When I started my journey to deal with social anxiety and get better with women, I had the support of 3 other guys who were doing the exact same thing.

We accomplished going out in Las Vegas 90 nights in a row plus day game sessions on the weekend. In fact, if it wasn’t for them I probably would have fallen off the wagon and given up in the first month.

See, we may have had our moments of disbelief at one time or another, but the key was, we never had them at the same time, and when it came time to go out, no man was left behind.

TIP 3: Just take the first step

I remember a few times in that 90-day marathon where I really didn’t want to go out. I’d whine and complain to my roommate about “how tired I was” or “how I didn’t feel like it” but he was a crafty one.

He would always tell me “Hey man, we’ll just go out for an hour, be home by midnight, its cool, let’s go,” and of course with it being a low investment to me, I’d end up going out…. But it never ended at “just midnight” because once I got rolling it was fun and I lost track of time.

So if you are having issues talking to girls, take the first step and just start showing up in the places that women are available to socialize with.

For working out, they say, showing up to the gym is half the battle. The same is true for meeting women.

TIP 4: Create a Reward System for your efforts, not your results

Maybe you’re like me, and you love video games, but we all know that the likelihood of you getting a hot girlfriend with video game skills is little to none, but is something you really enjoy. Like cake, if indulge too much, without burning off the calories you are going to get fat but you can still have it from time to time so use it as a reward. For example every night you go out and approach 5 women you could give yourself 1 hour of video game time. If video games aren’t your thing, substitute it with something else you enjoy, like getting a massage or taking a steamy hot bubble bath.

The key to this tip is rewarding your effort, just like those kids nowadays who get participation trophies, it like your consolation prize for at least trying.

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motivate yourself to meet women

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how to look attractive

How To Look Attractive | Top 10 Style Mistakes Men Make

Look, your sense of style is essential. Don’t neglect it.

A woman can tell a lot about you from what you wear… and sometimes it’s enough to turn her off instantly.

Yes, you can still date beautiful women without a good sense of style, however, when you look good, it’s easier to create the initial spark of attraction.

Trust me, when you dress well, you’ll get a lot more looks, and it will be easier to approach.

Plus, you feel more confident when you look good.

So that being said, we’ve brought on Levi, a fashion expert, to join The Attractive Man Team and help polish up your style.

In today’s video, he share’s the top style mistakes guys make. Check it out.

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how to look attractive

How To Look Attractive
10 Style Mistakes Men Make


I see this all the time, guys going out on 6th street in Austin, and they are wearing clothes that do not accentuate their features and body type. It doesn’t matter if you are big tall little or small, there are clothes out there for you. Just remember baggy is not in and I don’t see it ever being in if you want to look good for the ladies. So what you should do is go to or Instagram and search for fashion influencers that have your same body type and ask them where they shop, then simply go to these places and find your outfits. PacSun, H&M, and Forever 21 have a wide selection of styles for an affordable price range.


This is about dress shirts; I guess most guys were never taught how to tuck in a dress shirt properly. There are two types of dress shirts, ones that are long enough to tuck and ones that are too short to tuck, here is a hint if the shirt goes past your wrist then you can tuck it in, if not, don’t tuck it. This muffin top comes from not tucking in your shirt properly, so what you should do is the military tuck, grab the excess fabric on the side of your shirt and then fold it back then tuck your shirt in, and always wear a belt. It accentuates your physique and doesn’t add extra pounds to an overall look.


I see guys all the time wearing a brown belt and black shoes and I cringe every time I see it. So to stay away from this atrocity go out and buy a brown and a black belt, and what I usually do is only buy brown or black shoes. This way when you are ensembling an outfit you have that overall theme of color with your belt and shoes, they don’t have to match exactly but try to have brown on brown or black on black.


Every man should own at least one nice watch. You can always wear a watch with any outfit, I see too many guys walking around with no watch on and all I see is a missed opportunity to boost your style. Watches are a great accessory for guys to rock, especially since guys don’t have as many options to pick from as girls, always wear a watch.


Too many guys think that you can only wear leather shoes with a suit, chinos, or dress pants, WRONG! You can wear leather shoes with jeans as long as they are the right kind of jeans, your jeans need to match the saturation of your outfit. So, for example, I would not wear black dress shoes with light jeans and a white shirt, I would wear black dress shoes with dark jeans and a dark colored shirt. This is going to allow you to look stylish but still be comfortable wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


And wait… before the sneakerheads attack me, don’t get it twisted. Sneakers are great and can look amazing with the right outfit, I am just saying don’t wear sneakers with everything. Feel free to switch it up with Chelsea boots, high top leather boots, loafers, or some double monk strap leather slip-ons.


This is something that is super popular during the summer, so don’t make this mistake. If you are going for the sockless look because you are wearing loafers with a little bit of a higher inseam pant, make sure to wear no-show socks. The main reason for this is because you will ruin your shoes by not wearing socks with them, the perspiration from your feet will soak into the fabric and make your shoes stink, so go buy some no-show socks from Amazon or your closest Forever 21, H&M, PacSun or Nordstrom Rack.


Another common mistake I see a ton of guys make is having loose pants and a tight shirt or vice versa. This look is awful and makes you look like your mom dressed you for a third grade picture day. Do not make this same mistake please gents. My advice to you is to figure out what kind of body type you have; it doesn’t matter if you are big, tall, little or small, go find jeans and shirts that accentuate your body type. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Pacsun, have affordable fitted clothes that make you look much more stylish without breaking the bank.


I see too many guys just throw on a shirt, some jeans and some shoes thinking well it’s all fitted and looks good, why aren’t the ladies just flocking to me. It’s because your outfit has no theme, and what I mean by a theme is, making sure you have a color palette for your outfit. So, for example, let’s say I start with a light colored pair of jeans, then I am going to pick a lighter colored shirt, with the same saturation and then find a pair of shoes that tie it all in with a brown belt. This outfit recipe will set you apart from most other guys, trust me.


How many times have you been to a dive bar and see a guy walk in wearing a three-piece suit and say, did he just get back from a wedding or jury duty? Don’t be that guy, dress for the occasion. If you are going out with your buddies wear something that you can walk around in and be comfortable. If you are going out on a date though, wear something that a gentleman would wear. Dressing for the occasion is a huge factor in deciding your outfit, so the next time you are planning to go out ask yourself, “What is the occasion” before making any wardrobe decisions.

Well guys that is it for this week’s Fashion Friday, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel and click that little bell for notifications about our new videos. Until next time, it was good to have you! Oh, and remember – if you look good, you feel better!

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how to look attractive
make women chase you

Make Women Chase You with this ONE WORD!

No tricks, no magic lines…

This ONE WORD will make women chase you.

This may sound like a gimmick, but there’s a much deeper psychological principle behind this one word.

(I’ll explain in the video.)

And once you learn the powerful principle behind this word, you’ll have women chasing you right from the start.

It’s one thing gorgeous women RARELY HEAR.

What exactly is that word?:

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With just ONE WORD

What I’m about to share with you is slightly controversial and I know that a lot of people who watch this video may not agree with what I am about to say but, here’s the deal, the truth is that the hottest women in the world are used to men throwing themselves at them. Guys give them anything they want. They get into clubs for free, they get expensive dinners paid for them, they get free vacations.

When women get everything they want at no cost they start to expect it. And, pretty soon they don’t value it as much. That doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate it, but they don’t value the men who give them everything they want without having to earn it.

On top of that, A beautiful woman almost never has to work to make a man get attracted to her. Men just flock to her all the time because they think she’s so hot.

These women are used to guys showing too much interest too soon and putting them on a pedestal. If you want to attract these kinds of women who are used to guys fawning all over them just because they are hot then you need to do the exact opposite.

So what’s the word that will set you apart from all of those supplicating men who give her everything she wants in hopes to get a small piece of the action in return?

It’s the word “NO”

That’s right, saying no to a beautiful woman who is used to having the world handed to her on a silver platter can be very intriguing. You see men that don’t stick to their guns and sacrifice their own needs, wants, desires and passions to please a woman get walked over and are not respected.

For example: Writing a novel and your girlfriend or partner always asks for more time.

What’s really important is that you don’t put a woman before your purpose in life.

David Deida said in his book Way of the Superior Man, “If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself, disserves the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer his full, undivided presence.”

Even if she says she wants to be #1 in your life, women actually want a man they can support in his purpose, instead of a man who throws away his dreams and goals for her.

Once in a while, she might test you to see if she can knock you off course but she doesn’t want to actually succeed in knocking you off because she just wants to see if you will be man enough to stand up to her and say no. She might seem displeased that she didn’t get what she wanted but in the long run, she will be more attracted to you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should say no to everything she wants or use it as a manipulation tactic; you should only say no to her when you really mean it. And this can apply to really any point in the interaction.

That can seem a little harsh, and kind of dick move, and if the girl isn’t at all attracted to you then yeah she’ll probably just be annoyed by it. But the point is to be more of a challenge so she sees you as a real man.

And you don’t actually have to say the word “no” all the time; you can just put fun little restrictions whenever you make some sort of request.  I call this technique, restricted requests.”

For example:

  • Let’s go back to my place but No sex
  • Let’s go get coffee but Only for 10 minutes then I need to go
  • No touching below the belt
  • No calling me 20 times a day
  • No more, That’s all you get (after kiss)

Now obviously these are just one-liner examples, but women love them because they leave them wanting more.

When you put a restriction on something it shows that you are not that easy like all the guys out there. It’s no fun if she knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are totally into her and will do anything for her. She actually wants to wonder a little. And she wants to have to win you over.

And this is actually the basis of flirting. Flirting is not just showing interest all the time, it’s showing interest but then playfully taking it away. It keeps her guessing a little making things more interesting because she’s not totally sure if you are 100% into her. If she knows right away that you are like totally in love with her and she knows that you will go home with her or make her your girlfriend right away then she loses interest because the game is over. the fun for her is in the flirting.


So if you never tell women no or never use restriction, start doing it man. You will notice her eyes light up as she realizes that you are different than all the other guys out there, and begins flirting back with you.


Make sure you see my other video about qualification here:

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how to meet girls

How to Meet Girls in the Day [Cancun INFIELD VLOG]

Let’s face it… men RARELY APPROACH girls during the day! It’s usually about bars, clubs, or dating apps.

That’s EXACTLY why you should start meeting girls in the daytime – because there’s so little competition!

I’ll show you why and how we approach women during the day while on our boot camp in Cancun, Mexico. You’ll also get to see some footage of our students in action:

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practice eye contact

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are you on pornhub

Are you on Pornhub? [Comfort Zone Challenge]

What’s a fun opener that would get us out of our comfort zone, we thought? Ask random girls on the street “Are you on Pornhub?!”

Because our last Cheesy pick up line video was so much fun, we decided to take on our very own comfort zone challenge on Venice beach, CA. This time, we ask random women why they look so familiar and that if they were actually pornstars.

Do we recommend it? Nope… Does it work? Maybe… But is it BALLSY? Damn right it is! You don’t just go around asking women about p0rn, right? Well, their responses will surprise you:

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are you on pornhub

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