is masturbation good or bad

Is Masturbation Good or Bad | Does NoFap Work?

Look, man. Fapping, Wanking, Rubbing one off, Shaking the Sausage – wherever you’re from, you have a term for it. Masturbation. Is masturbation good or bad? And does NoFap work?

In this video, I share the science and psychology behind masturbation. I’ll also share how this effects you interactions with women.

So, before you decide to sharpen your pencil (if you know what I mean), make sure to watch this video first:

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is masturbation good or bad

Does NoFap Work?

Fapping, Wanking, Rubbing one off, Shaking the Sausage – wherever you’re from, you have a term for it. Masturbation. Have you ever wondered…Does masturbation hurt my chances with women?

Can masturbation decrease my attractiveness to hot girls? Does Nofap work?

According to, as of last year, 95% of Men admit to masturbating. 55% admit to masturbating weekly, while 40% admit to masturbating daily.

That’s a significant percentage of men! Roughly all of us know about masturbation and even do it on a regular basis. According to the same source, yet women are in on the action – 89% admit to doing the deed. That’s right men; girls like to rub one out, too.

But how come a lot of guys think that teasing your Weiner has harmful effects while others argue it’s great for you. Well, let’s see what medical science and psychology has to say.

First, Why do men jerk off in the first place?

According to Studies have proven that masturbation has the following effects on men:

It relieves sexual tension, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, improves your self-esteem and body image, and it can help treat sexual problems (for hormonal imbalance, etc.)

Doctors even encourage masturbation as it promotes overall sexual health. However, this must be done in moderation as too much of it can prove to have harmful physical and mental effects.

Now onto the real question, does it limit or decrease your chances with women?

What happens when we FAP?

According to (2014), The process of male ejaculation involves four steps/phases: Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm, and Resolution and Refraction.

    1. The Arousal phase is the start; it involves the perception of sexual interest and start of stimulation. Activation of dopamine (pleasure hormone) and serotonin (mood-regulating hormone). And the release of neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine. Blood flow increases and concentrates on the penis causing an erection. The veins shut to keep the blood in the penis to maintain the erection. All other muscles of the body tense up.
    2. The Plateau phase is the preparation to orgasm. Where your heart rate rapidly increases. Pre-cum usually oozes out to cleanse the urethra for anticipation to shoot your load.
    3. After that, the Orgasm has two steps
      1. The Emission, or the “point of no return.” where semen is deposited near the top of the urethra, ready for the ejaculation.
      2. And the actual Ejaculation,  that occurs in a series of rapid-fire contractions of the penile muscles and around the base of the anus. Involuntary pelvic thrusting may also occur. Dopamine plays a role in the “reward” in orgasm, giving the pleasurable feeling after ejaculating.
    4. Resolution and refraction follow after. This is the recovery phase where the erection goes away, muscle tension fades, and feeling of relaxation and drowsiness usually follows. A drop in testosterone level occurs. But nothing significant to affect overall health.

Now that you know what happens when we fap, here’s how it can affect your chances with women:


Ever heard of the popular saying, “Never leave the house with a loaded gun?

(In case you still didn’t get it – it means masturbate before you go to the club or on a date)

That saying was made to prevent men from thinking about sex all the time. The belief was if you kept thinking of getting into her pants, you would mess up and throw your game off entirely.

However, after you orgasm and during your resolution and refraction phase, your testosterone levels drop, along with your neurotransmitters and dopamine levels that have already fully rewarded you with the feeling that you just had sex!

Your body has already perceived that you’ve finished your instinctive role as a man, which is to procreate, thus severely depleting your motivation to go out there and meet real women. In your mental state, you’ll be less motivated to approach women or go on dates and probably end up staying home.

Keep in mind also that Testosterone is your “manly hormone” involved with developing male sexual characteristics. Growing a beard, a deep voice, increasing muscle mass. Levels of testosterone differ from person to person during puberty, which is why some men are hairier than others, and others have deeper voices.

So even if you do will yourself to go out and talk to girls, you might appear less manly due to your depleted testosterone level. Plus, If your motivation and desire to have sex is down, then you won’t have that same seductive look in your eye when you talk to women. One of the biggest aphrodisiacs for a woman is to feel desired by a sexually confident man. Women love it when a man they like is turned on by them. That’s much harder to do after you just rubbed one out.

What I recommend: Hold off with spanking your monkey if you’re planning on going out and meeting women, this includes dates. You’ll feel more confident, manly, and motivated with a full load. Plus if things went great and you end up at your place, you can release all you want. (Remember to always practice safe sex)


Masturbation in itself is a healthy exercise for men and is advised by doctors to help improve sexual health as a whole. But remember, too much of a good thing is still bad for you.

Dopamine and Serotonin are regulated to give you pleasure in connection to your experience. Masturbating too much over too impractical stimuli (such as fantasy pornography) can hotwire your brain to only respond to what you’re used to.

When it comes to doing the real thing, your mind and body will either (1) Feel desperate to get an instant orgasm and you’ll cum too early, or (2) Reject the feeling and leave your penis flaccid. We’ve all been there, and both of those scenarios suck pretty bad.

Getting too used to having sexual gratification through masturbation can result in a short circuit in your body’s response to the real thing. Your Arousal phase may no longer function properly – resulting in too early an orgasm or not getting an erection at all. And we all know how embarrassing that can get.

What I recommend: Masturbate only once or twice a week, and try not to use pornography. [Possible link to “is porn bad for you” video] Instead, fantasize about women you’ve actually had sex with It can help your confidence and boost your self-esteem if you masturbate to memories of your previous sexual encounters. Better yet, don’t masturbate at all. The real thing is way better. (wink wink)


When done in the wrong way, if you use it to escape reality or mask negative feelings – that’s where it takes a wrong turn.

You see, when masturbation is linked to depression and anxiety, it can worsen the feeling afterward. Just like harmful drugs or alcohol, when used as a remedy to forget depression, masturbation can be highly addictive and damaging to your psyche.

The resolution and refraction phase, (last step) should be coupled with feelings of success and achievement. That is what is essential to building confidence and self-esteem.

When one enters the last phase (immediately post orgasm) reality comes back stronger and more vivid than ever. When that reality is followed by guilt, anxiety, and depression, that can lead to devastating mental damages. This is what usually starts the downward spiral to clinical depression and addiction. And we don’t want ourselves to go there.

What I recommend: Never masturbate when you’re depressed or have just experienced a loss in your life. And don’t use it to escape reality. Better yet, focus on stuff like exercise or a good hobby to get negative thoughts off of your mind.

So remember, if you want to masturbate don’t do it before you meet women or before a date, don’t use porn, don’t get carried away and do it all the time and don’t do it as a way to escape the real world.

You’re an awesome guy, and you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself! Make sure you claim my free confidence cheat sheet below:

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is masturbation good or bad
That’s all for now man! I’m out – Cheers!
do girls sleep with guys on the first date

Do Girls Sleep with Guys on the First Date? [Girl Interviews]

Hey man!

We hit the streets and asked girls how long it takes them to sleep with a guy.

We had a whole assortment of answers, and even we were a bit surprised.

Check out the video to see what they say:

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do girls sleep with guys on the first date?

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10 tips for approaching women

10 Tips for Approaching Women in Public Places

When you see a gorgeous woman, you have about 5 seconds to come across as either creepy and intimidating or attractive and mysterious.

And the difference between the two is all in the approach.

I’m Renee Slansky with The Attractive Man, and today I will give you 10 tips for approaching women in public so that you know if and when to approach her and how to come across as confident and desirable at the same time.

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top 10 tips for approaching women

In Public Places

I’m a professional dating and relationship coach, and I’m here to help men like yourself understand women and become a more confident man.

So, let’s talk about approaching women in public places. There is always a fine line between looking like a stalker and causing her to want to run away and looking like an alpha male who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

The truth is, majority of the time we as women do want men to approach us, because it made us feel more attractive and singled out, however, there are also sometimes when we are sending off apparent signals not to come near, and to be frank it really turns us off when you ignore them and push your agenda on us.

But it’s not to say that you can’t change our mind, so what I will do is break down the whole process for you and give you my top 10 tips to know when and if to approach us , how to turn the situation around so that we feel comfortable in your presence and of course how to set the right impression so that we feel safe and interested in who you are.

Let’s jump in!

1: Assess the environment – is she busy or with a bunch of girlfriends? Is she wearing a wedding ring? Does she look intoxicated or is she focused on something else important?

2: What is her body language saying – Does she have her arms or legs crossed? Is she looking around, does she look anxious or guarded?

3: Make your presence known without approaching her- Let her see you in her peripheral vision and get her subconscious associated that you are in her presence. Then move in and out of her line of sight without actually speaking or looking at her.

4: Catch her eye and smile – Test to see if she notices you with a smile or eye contact. Don’t hold eye contact for longer than a few seconds. See what her response is after you have caught her eye. What do her reaction and body language say?

5: Pick a feature or detail to focus on and compliment us – If you are going to approach her, have something in mind to talk about in a way to compliment her, but do not make it anything sexual. The smaller the detail the better as it shows you pay attention to the little things.

6: Never approach from behind – It’s creepy and doesn’t make us feel safe, plus it feels deceptive. Approach from the front or side so she can see you and your confidence.

7: Approach with a smile- A small genuine smile, not a huge cheesy or sleazy one. Stay natural and look like you are happy to see us, almost like we are an old friend.

8: Have relaxed body language and keep a distance between you both – Coming on too intense or too close will make us want to back off and put up walls. Keep at least a meter apart from her and try to keep your body relaxed. (Not crossing arms in front of chest or hands on hips.) You can come across as a confident alpha male without coming across as overbearing.

9: Don’t be so serious make her laugh- If you want to impress a woman and make her feel at ease, then the key is to get her to laugh. It doesn’t mean you have to have jokes up your sleeve, but rather just don’t take the conversation so seriously and look for an opening where you can make a comment that makes you both relate and laugh about it. Again compliments should be on the details, not sexual zones, ie, bum, boobs or lips.

10: Ask questions but listen more than you speak – Giving her your undivided attention (meaning not looking at your phone, around the room or other women) makes her feel special. Show her your interest by asking about her and then actively listening (portray this through your body language) affirm what she is saying, don’t agree with everything and leave some mystery about yourself…

Your approach is the beginning of initiating anything with a woman, hence why it can either seal your fate or open up limitless opportunities.  Master the approach and give a great first impression, while minimizing rejection.

But of course you have to have a conversation with her, so if you haven’t already downloaded our free conversation cheat sheet then click on the image below, right now!

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top 10 tips for approaching women

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I’m Renee Slanksy for The Attractive Man and I’ll see you in my next video!

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how to boost your self confidence

How to Boost your Self Confidence (5 Easy Steps)

Hi guys! It’s Brittany from The Attractive Man team! Todays Wing Girl Wisdom is all about how to boost your self-confidence with just 5 easy steps!

You know that women love a CONFIDENT man. And you can’t be that man if you’re constantly pre-judging yourself. The truth is, a majority of men put themselves down without them even knowing it. And that’s exactly what’s ruining their chances with women!

So I’m going to show you how to unlock all that potential, how to stop holding yourself back, and how to boost that self-confidence! See my video below:

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how to boost your self confidence
Men wear that women find irresistible

15 Things Men Wear That Women Find Irresistible

Men’s Fashion Tips: According to Psychology Today, it takes fewer than 100 milliseconds for a woman tell if you’re attractive or not.

Given that you have such a short amount of time to make a great first impression, you want to give yourself every opportunity to succeed.

Dressing your best may seem superficial, but psychologists have proven that what you wear sends a message to those you come into contact with in your daily life.

Check out my video below:

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Men wear that women find irresistible

15 Things Men Wear That Women Find Irresistible

Psychologists have a term, it’s called representative bias. Basically what that means is we have a short amount of time, less than a hundred milliseconds to be exact, to make a first impression. Every time someone sees you, they make a snap judgment on you based just on what they see, so if you’re trying to catch that special ladies, I you’ve really got to put your best foot forward.

A great way to do that. It’s having a terrific outfit. I’m Lindsay from The Attractive Man team. I’m a celebrity men’s wear stylist, and that means I’ve been able to see firsthand what a terrific outfit can really do for a man’s confidence.

I’m here today to talk to you about 15 different clothing items that you can wear that will make you instantly more attractive to women. I’m talking women find these pieces here IRRESISTIBLE.

The first topic we’re going to talk about is Pocket Squares!

I know this seems like a weird thing to immediately assume women are going to find very attractive, but there’s a science to it.

We as women immediately notice every detail about you and one piece that a pocket square can really do for you is just making sure that you look extra put together, so a great way to do this is to have a fun pocket square.

Maybe it’s a fun color, maybe it has a cool pattern. All of those are also going to play into being conversation starters, which is going to be a great way to open up to your special lady and grab her attention right off the bat. It’s going to tell her something about you and it also kind of makes you look like a boss which went, Lady’s gonna resist that.

Our next item on the list, are Neckties.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, I already have a tie. I know how to wear a tie. My Dad taught me how to tie a tie. I work with on this fine.

Well men, there are trends in ties, whether you know it or not. There is one of the most trendy ties right now is the thin, skinny tie. It looks great and it just helps add that extra little to an outfit. If you want to do a wider tie. Also, no problem with that either, but just make sure that it goes with your outfit. If there’s a lot going on with your jacket. If you have on a crazy pattern on your pants, you don’t want to also have a huge tie and then look like a clown. So basically what you want to make sure is that your tie is always meeting your waistband.

You don’t want it to be too short. You also don’t want it to be down to your knees and too long. Either one of those is going to look sloppy, not put together, and it’s ultimately going to make your outfit look a million times worse. So make sure that the end of your tie is just hitting your waistband or just covering the button on your waistband. You don’t want it any longer or any shorter than that.

Next up is a well-fitted Sweater.

It’s great for a fall look because you can throw it on with jeans. You can throw it on with a pair of Chinos, you can even throw it on with a pair of suit pants and it translates throughout any of those different types of situation, so no matter whether you’re going to a great upscale restaurant for dinner or you’re just going to kick back and watch a movie, either one of those is a great outfit option when paired with a beautiful, great sweater.

It also feels really nice, so when you got your arm around your lady or you’re going in for a hug, it just is a nice soothing, comfortable material, so she’s automatically going to feel more comfortable with you.

Types of materials that you want to look out for when it comes to sweaters is extra soft cotton or a cashmere sweater and important part of this to note, you want to make sure that it’s not too baggy so that you’re not looking disheveled, but that it’s not too tight where it looks like you’re going to hold out at any moment.

You want to just make sure that it compliments your arms. If you can make your arms look a little bigger, I know all the guys like to do that and just make sure that it’s flattering throughout your entire midsection.

On that note of sweaters, the next item is… Layering!

It gives another added detail, so it’s showing that you’re paying attention to details.. that you’re putting in extra effort to your look and it’s also a cool way to pull together a lookout, a little extra element to it so that can be throwing over a nice sweater over a collared shirts, adding a jacket to a button up.

It can be any sort of thing that you’re adding an extra layer to your outfit. It just has an extra layer of cool. Additionally, it’s a great way to make your physique look even better, especially if there’s an area that you’re not quite so comfortable with or confident with.

It’s a great way to sort of highlight the things that you want to highlight while covering up the things that you want to cover up so that way you can walk out feeling more confident because you know you look your best.

One type of layering that I am particularly fond of is pairing a short sleeve button up with a tee shirt. Short sleeve button. Ups are all the rage right now. They’re a huge trend and you compare that together. Roll up the sleeves a little bit. You can even roll over the t-shirt over your first button up and it just gives you this instant cool guy effortless chic look that you can pair with jeans or with Chinos.

It’s great if you have a casual date since we’re talking about..
A Button Up Shirt.

So the great thing about short sleeve button ups is there one incredibly in style right now. Everybody’s wearing them, you see them in all the magazines, on all the runways, and the reason why I love them is because they are so versatile. You can get 17 different kinds of outfits out of just one item of clothing, which is so important.

Plus they’re super flattering on every kind of body type. The other thing is a long sleeve button up. Now I know a lot of you guys are gonna say, well, I wear a long sleeve button ups to work where I wear long sleeve button ups to weddings or fancy events and that’s great, so you probably already have some of these in your closet. Well, you may not know about long sleeve button ups is that women cannot resist these.

There have been a multiple, multiple, multiple studies and polls done by a variety of different psychologists. Women for whatever reason, love this look, rolled up a little bit with a pair of Nice jeans.

You are going to look great in this look and it’s going to be super flattering to your body type, and the best part is is that you are going to feel confident in this.

The Color RED

Psychologists have done a variety of studies about what types of colors or patterns that humans find most attractive and consistently that color is the color red. It’s a color of passion. It’s the color of romance, the color of love.

So if you’re looking to attract somebody to you, psychologists say that the best way to do that is by wearing the color red makes people look at you, it demands attention and it exudes confidence. So this is one of those colors that you’re going to be able to wear and even if you aren’t feeling the best about yourself, you’re going to look like you feel the best about yourself.

You’re going to stand out and you’re going to really catch that special ladies,

The next item on our list and great smelling Cologne,

If you’ve read any of the psychology on this, our most direct link to our memories is our olfactory senses. So if you want to make a lasting impression on someone, you want to stay on their mind, you want them to smell something and instantly think of you having a great Cologne will do that.

Most well made colognes are actually made for minimal use. So just a couple sprays maybe on your wrists right here on your neck and you’re good to go. You really don’t need any more than that. So really with Cologne, just think less is more.

Plus the best part about Cologne is that sometimes you can’t always smell it right off the bat. It’s when you get close to a person that you can smell it and that is a really central memory to make is when you’re really close to somebody and you’re smelling good.

Make sure that you invest in some really awesome Cologne. In fact, my favorite right now is Tom Ford’s black noir. It’s a delicious scent. It smells good on every kind of guy and women find it pretty irresistible.

Our next item is a Jacket.

They add an element to any outfit that is just going to make you look more put together. A great way to incorporate a jacket is by wearing a sports coat. They are great elements to add to any sort of outfit to just give it that extra attention to detail.

I love when guys pair of a suit jacket with a nice button up and maybe jeans or Chinos just because it just gives you an extra little cool guy, chic element to your outfit. And it also helps because you can put a pocket square in there.

This is a great situation where you can wear a tie with a pair of Chinos and a jacket and a little button up. It just looks fantastic and it makes you look like you are swab, you are sensual, you are put together, you are ready to go get those ladies. And it’s a great way to make a first impression.

The next jacket that I love the most would be a leather jacket. I think leather jackets are so instant. Cool guy. I want to talk to him. He’s confident, especially if you have a color leather jacket. Now they make green, red, burgundy, blue, all kinds of different colors which can help compliment your outfit and you can adjust that for the season as well. So you might want to wear a lighter colored jacket in the spring or a darker one in the fall, maybe burgundy or hunter green.

The final jacket that I would encourage all of you guys to try is a bomber jacket. Now, these have been in style for a while, so you’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities wearing them, but our go to. You can wear a bomber jacket with anything. You can dress them up, dress them down, and they look fantastic. Now, I wouldn’t encourage wearing a bomber jacket with a pair of suit pants, but if you do need a little bit nicer outfit, you compare a bomber jacket with a pair of Chinos and a button up and you will look swap.

A well-fitted Tee Shirt.

I cannot stress enough to you how important it is to have a high quality, well-fitted shirt. Any needs to be well-fitted. If you have to get it tailored, great, get it tailored. You want to make sure that your shirt fits your body type perfectly.

You want to make sure that this shirt is well made, and that means you’re going to look for something with probably a try cotton blend or a 100 percent cotton. You want to watch out with those hundred percent cotton shirts because they do tend to shrink.

So make sure that it’s something you’re not going to have to fuss with too much that you can throw in the wash, throw in the dryer, and it’s still going to maintain its shape. You want to make sure that you have something that’s gonna last you for a long, long time and it’s going to also be the type of shirt that you can throw on with anything and just go.

A nice pair of SHOES!

Now let’s get down to it specifically down to your feet. Let’s talk about the types of shoes you need to be wearing. I once went on a date with a man who showed up into a five-star restaurant and I want it to immediately leave.

This guy doesn’t care about being here. This guy doesn’t care about my time and he didn’t even care enough to cover up his toes. You want to make sure that the types of shoes you’re wearing compliment the type of activity that you will be doing, whether it’s on your date or meeting somebody at a club. You want to make sure that you have on high-quality footwear.

If it’s a sneaker, you want to make sure that it’s eight clean sneakers. You also want to make sure that they are well made, well put together sneakers so you don’t want to have anything ripping the laces are afraid. Any sort of thing like that. You want to make sure you immediately replace or get fixed. You can always take your shoes to a shoe repair shop and they will fix them up like new and that is very, very important to maintain the quality and just maintain the overall structure of your sneakers.

If you’re gonna, wear them. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a sneaker out, but just make sure it’s high quality. Well made me grew. That also looks clean.

My personal favorite form of footwear on a man is a Boot.

I love guys and boots because it’s just different. It looks more high fashion. It looks more put together. Chelsea boots are my absolute favorite thing to see on a man. I think that they are so suave. I just cannot resist a guy in a Chelsea boot as well as wearing those lace-up boots.

Any kind of high quality leather lace-up boot is going to look terrific with your any type of boot that you’re going wear is going to instantly add a more masculine element to your footwear and to your overall outfit, so you want to make sure that it does fit, that you’re not slipping out of it, that you’re not having to constantly mess with it and again, on the same note as the sneakers, make sure you clean your boots.

The main thing with men’s fashion is that it doesn’t go out of style as quickly as women’s fashion does, so you guys can really keep these shoes for years and years and years, so it’s more important for you guys to make sure that you are buying high-quality products and maintaining the care and overall structure of these products because you really do have the ability to wear them for much longer than we as women do.

This next item is not one particular clothing piece, but it is something that can be applied to anything that you were and that is…


Now, print is not only fun because they showcase your personality and you can really start a conversation with wearing prints, but they are also great because they can hide any section of your body that you’re not so keen on showing the pattern or the print that you choose is going to really distract the other person’s eyes from staring at any one particular spot so therefore they won’t really notice any problem area and it can really help you feel more confident because they’re going to be paying attention to you and not that unwanted area that you don’t want steam.

This next item I love. I’m so obsessed with Chinos!

Chinos are a terrific pants option when you don’t want to go so casual as jeans, but you’re not really trying to wear your suit.

Pants there are terrific between option for you. The most important thing about wearing chinos is getting them tailored. They can look so horrendous if they’re not properly tailored, so make sure that you’re taking those to your tailor and getting them to form fitted to your body to compliment your shape in the best way possible.

My next item is a technique rather than a specific article of clothing and that is called a FRENCH TUCK..

Now I know you’re thinking what in the world is that? Not only is this a great way to just add a little extra detail, extra element to what you’re wearing, but it’s also a great way to be form fitting.

It’s very, very simple. All you do is take the front of your shirt and Tuck it into the front of your pants and let the rest of the shirt kinda hanging out. Definitely try it. If you have any sort of area with your midsection that’s you’re not quite so confident about doing a French tuck. Not only makes you look like effortless, Cool James, Dean Guy, but it also is really going to help distract from your midsection so much and it will be more complimentary, so it’s a great way to help you feel more confident when you’re wearing.

All right guys, it’s time. It’s here being number one and most important thing that women find absolutely. Irresistible is a Well-Tailored Suit.

There is nothing like it wearing a suit is classy, it is sophisticated, it is just pure epitome of chic, and if your suit has been tailored to your body, done, women are going to find it so irresistible.

You really get to have fun with a suit because you can go crazy and do all kinds of different checkered patterns or stripes or wear a red suit or any sort of thing. You can really incorporate a lot of the elements that we’ve talked about today into one outfit. When you wear a suit, you can throw on some Nice Chelsea boots with a suit. It looks awesome.

You can wear traditional dress shoes with your suit and it really, either way, you spend it, it’s going to look awesome and as we already talked about, you have so little time to make the best first impression that when it comes to wearing a suit, we can’t play around with tailoring. There is not a body type that looks bad in a suit. You just got to make sure that the suit fits you and also don’t forget any of the items that we’ve talked about today.

It looks terrific with a great watch. It’s again another terrific conversation starter and will help you stand out if you are still wanting more information about how to gain confidence and feel better about talking to attractive beautiful women.

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Men wear that women find irresistible

All right guys, so that’s it.

That’s all I have for you today. Go out there, embrace the day with confidence. Go look and do your very best and I’ll see you in the next video!