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How to Meet Women | Where to Meet Single Women

Want to know more on how to meet women? The trick to meeting more women is to be in a place where there ACTUALLY ARE MORE SINGLE WOMEN.

Not only that, make sure these women are YOUR TYPE. A lot of guys complain that they can’t find a nice girl to talk to. That’s because they’re not in the RIGHT PLACE to meet women they want!

Watch this video and see what I’m talking about:

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how to get the girl you want

How To Get The Girl YOU Want this 2019

Want to finally know how to get the girl you want this 2019? Use the 6 best and most effective ways to get the girl – all explained and illustrated in today’s video!

I’m Renee Slansky for the Attractive Man and in this video, I’m going to give you 6 dating resolutions for 2019 that will actually get you the girl you want!

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6 Most Effective Ways

There are currently 4 billion single women in the world who are wanting to meet a man, so if you think there are no fish in the pond, then you are wrong.  But what I want to do, is teach you how to attract the fish that YOU want and make this year the year you can confidently approach dating and women.

So let’s learn how to fish!

6) Choose quality over quantity to avoid dating burnout

The first thing you need to do is not turn this into a number games, but instead a quality quest. The more dates you go on, doesn’t mean the closer you are to finding the one.  You can sift through hundreds of women, but if none of them are what you want then you will just get dating burnout and choice fatigue.

My advice is to limit your options to finding women through two ways – 1) through sparking conversations with women in real life and two by joining only one online dating site or app.

And here’s why.

Talking to women in real life forces you to start identifying and creating opportunities around you, instead of feeling that there are no good girls out there. Stick with me because I will tell you how to do this in number 2!

Secondly, when it comes to online dating sites or apps, going on more than one just means you are giving yourself too many women to choose from. Truth is if you can’t find enough dates on just one site, then you are doing it wrong!

Too many choices blur the lines of what you want and makes it harder to commit to who or what is in front of you because you are distracted by the fear of missing out of someone greater.

You aren’t going to know the full potential of a girl if you are too busy comparing her to another stranger.

5) Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

Just as you are attracted to a confident woman, women attracted to confidence within a man. If that is something you have been struggling with then it’s time to start building more of it into your life daily.

We often lack confidence because we focus too strongly on our faults or what we don’t have compared to what other men out there do have.

Stop thinking that you need to be an alpha male in order to get the girl and start harnessing what strengths in your characteristics you have that make you stand out.

I want you to write a list of all the things you are good at and also what great qualities you bring to a relationship. If you are unsure then ask your mates or mum! Put that list somewhere where you can see it every day.

The next thing I want you to do is make an accomplishment board of all the things you have achieved that are worth noting. If you become too focused on what you want to gain instead of what you already have accomplished you can forget your current value.

Thirdly: If you know that you have one physical feature or characteristic that really charms people then enhance that when you go on a date with a girl.

For example: if you have great smile – then smile more

                     Beautiful eyes? Then wear a color that brings them out.

                     Leadership skills? Organise a date where you can lead her through a crowded space and come across as someone in control.

4)Let go of the ones who rejected you

Alright this is something we have to deal with. You can’t keep going into a new year carrying the same crap, as it warps your perspective and blocks the right women from wanting to invest into you.

Rejection happens to the best of us, and some of those Hollywood stars you see out there get rejected just as much as the rest of us normal folk.

The best thing to do is to see rejection as a redirection. What I like to do, is every time someone rejects me, I see it as confirmation that they aren’t meant to be in my life and therefore it means I am not entertaining who I shouldn’t

Delete photos of exs and old messages of dates that didn’t work out and start clearing your mind of women who don’t deserve a place in your life!

3) Put some effort into your dating profile

Ok, you have to realise that you have one third of a second to impress a woman online. So, if you haven’t already checked out my other video on Tinder profile tips, then make sure you do so straight after this video!

Guys just because there is an abundance of women, doesn’t mean they are all worth your time. You have to use the right bait to catch the right fish. And I will tell you right now that if you put more effort into your profile, then you are likely to get more quality options to choose from.

So, here’s what I want you to do; I want you to set aside 20 mins to actually sit down and update your profile so it doesn’t look like every other geezer on there. Select a few photos and send them to some trusted female friends and ask them which ones they think work best.  

Put some effort into your bio by talking about who you are and what you are looking for and make it sound interesting and fun!

If 20 mins can up your chances of finding the right woman, then my question is why haven’t you already done it?

If you get stuck, then look at successful profiles and simply base yours off there’s without copying word for word! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just know the basics and how to enhance who you already are.

2) Approach more women in real life

This brings me back to point number 1. Talk to women in real life but without an agenda.  

What I mean by this is, often we are scared to talk to a random girl because we think she will flat out refuse us. But if you make the conversation the goal rather than the rejection or acceptance of you, then technically you can’t really fail.  

Having a casual conversation as opposed to straight asking her out, means you have less chance of rejection and also makes things seem more natural.

Truth is women love being approached in real life, as long as it is done under the right circumstances. You can literally accelerate the process of meeting someone and set yourself apart from the others if you simply take the initiative to open a conversation with a girl.

If you struggle with conversation, then I suggest downloading our conversation cheat sheet, because it will tell you what to say, when and how to say it so that you can approach a girl confidently. The link for that is in our bio or click the image on the screen right now .

The second thing to do is watch my other video “ Here’s How She Wants You To Approach Her”

1) Learn more about women

It’s pretty crazy how many of the comments I read on this channel that say women expect too much. You guys have standards, right? Well so do we, and instead of getting angry at women because you haven’t met them , try to understand how we function .

You have to realise that there are two people in a relationship, therefore there are two needs and wants and both are as important as each other . If you want your ideal woman , then get to understand how she works, what she’s attracted to and what she also wants.

The more you take the time to understand women, instead of assuming they all want too much or are too complicated , the more you have an advantage over other men!

I would start with actively listen to women and asking them what they want instead of guessing your way. I would also watch several of our other videos like 7 Signs a Girl Likes You , How To Flirt With Girls or 5 Things Women Instantly Look For.

You see if you know how to fulfil her desires then she is going to want you even more , so it’s a win win situation.

Give up the guessing game , that is so 2018 and instead start working smart in love so that you can accelerate the girl of your dreams into your life .

Now if you are someone who still does struggle to talk to women , then download our FREE conversational cheat sheet!

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Until next time , good luck and tell me all about your sexy fish once you have caught her!

5 biggest myths about women

5 BIGGEST Myths About Women

What are the 5 biggest myths about women, you ask?

If you think you have us all figured out, then you are wrong! But the good news is, what I am about to tell you will go against everything that you thought you knew about women!

I’m Renee Slansky for The Attractive Man and in this video I’m going to BUST 5 myths about women that you thought were true! And trust me guys, you are going to be happy about the answers…

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Alright, I’m going to let you in on a secret! I have been stalking the majority of all you men in the comments for our channel, because I want to get inside your head and know what you think about women. So click now to subscribe and be sure to watch to the end!

So, if you ever feel like really saying what you feel or want one of your questions answered then don’t hold back and tell us in our comments section!

I noticed that there were 5 major things that you guys seem to get confused and frustrated with when it comes to us ladies. So, it’s time to set the record straight and do my own version of myth busters!  Oh, and number 1 is a big myth that has to stop so make sure you watch this whole video!

5) We only want men with money

I will admit there are a lot of women out there who do prey on men for money, because they are either lazy, fearful of being broke or just down right gold diggers.  As a coach, but more than anything as a woman, this comment frustrated the hell out of me and I hear it more often than I should.

Here’s the thing. The right woman appreciates a man who can provide financially, because it helps provide her with security of the future , but it doesn’t mean she wants to count your pennies , because she will also be a woman who wants to  contribute as well!

We are women and biologically and scientifically speaking we yearn to nest and be protected by men. This doesn’t mean we want to bleed you dry or only marry you for your wallet. And if you are only experiencing women like that then the issue is that you can’t identify the right women from the wrong women and need to attend one of our bootcamps.

A man should, to some degree, want to look after his partner and children, not by having to work his ass off while she does nothing, but because it’s an act of love to help protect and provide for the family. And, the right woman will recognise that you are man of high value and will also be wanting to contribute in whatever way she can.

4) We only want to date tall, good looking men

Alright, I will confess I am attracted to a tall man, but I have dated shorter men because any woman who has the right intentions will get to a point to where they realise a real man isn’t made up only by his height.

Let’s first clarify tall. Most women see short as any man under 6ft, which is ridiculous I agree, especially when the global average height of men is 5ft 9 inches.

But let’s put things into perspective. You guys all have a certain type of woman and physical traits that you are attracted to, whether its big boobs, small bum and a tiny waist. We all have ‘types’ or ideal things we want. But in a world full of billions of singles we know that there has to be more than just these things.

Most women want a man who treats her right, the height is just an added bonus. The truth is if a man think his appearance or height is the only way to win a woman then he disadvantages himself.

Women are more attracted to the following things than height:

Confidence, manners , ability to lead , romance, and being valued and made to feel special.  

3) We don’t like men approaching us

Ok hold the phone! We love it when men approach us with confidence and charm, we hate it when they make us feel unsafe or are sleazy and aggressive. See the difference there?

If you haven’t watched my other video on 10 tips for approaching women effectively, then put that on your to do list.  

Women may come across guarded when you approach her but it doesn’t mean she won’t be interested, she just doesn’t know you yet, so her reaction is normal!  But if you want to set the right impression then it’s all IN THE WAY you approach her. We see men talking to us and singling us out as old school romance, it makes us feel special and sets our hearts a flutter.

And here’s the thing, asking a woman out or talking to her is going to give you more of an indication if there is potential for anything as opposed to just selecting someone through a dating app.

Don’t be scared, be a gentleman and you will probably be shocked by their reaction.

2) We are high maintenance and want you to do all the effort

I will say one thing, we do live in a time where self-entitlement is killing relationships and driving men and women apart.  Women don’t want you to do all the effort, but they do expect you to invest and make them a priority. And you know what, this is completely normal because it communicates that you value and like her.

Dating isn’t a competition of who does more or less, it’s a courtship and both people should be making the amount of effort that reflects how they feel. If she’s coming across high maintenance, ask yourself first, is this woman actually a diva or am I actually being lazy and not doing enough?

Everyone wants to point the finger at someone else and the truth is women are just as scared as you guys of being taking advantage of. We don’t want to date users either.

1) We don’t care about sex

I don’t know where this myth came from but I have a feeling it’s from the 1950’s or from an over worked and underappreciate tired mother who just wants to sleep sometimes.  OK time for a little fact for you men.

Yes men do have a higher sex drive and think about sex 60% more than women on a daily basis , but a study that was published in TIME magazine revealed that their colleagues found that women in their 30s and early 40s are significantly more sexual than younger women. Women ages 27 through 45 report not only having more sexual fantasies (and more intense sexual fantasies) than women ages 18 through 26 but also having more sex, period.

Women want to have sex, but they also want the emotional connection. So the key then isn’t just to focus on getting physical with her but also tapping into her emotional state as well.

Guys you can sit there and vent your frustration through the comments or you can start to really understand us a bit more and then use it to your advantage. We aren’t that complicated , we are just misunderstood and a great woman is an asset!

But if you struggle with even knowing how to strike up a conversation or basically feel a little lost when it comes to women then be sure to download our Confidence cheat sheet Which has 18 proven ways to increase your confidence fast. These are methods based on science and psychology.

This will help you ease your nerves under stressful situations, like approaching beautiful women.

So what are other things you struggle with when it comes to women? Tell me in the comments section of this video and I will try to answer as many as possible and even do another video on one of the questions!

See you in the next video!

– Renee