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“This last week or so (since I started to “get it”) has truly been the happiest days of my life!!! I feel like a totally different person without all this fear and anxiety. Strait up I’m not into being dramatic or ass kissing I just think you should know… that I’m loving life in a whole new and better way!!!”

  • Matt D., 20, College Student, San Diego, CA

“I may already be getting badass! Lol. I just approached and got number from a hot Dominican girl on the train. What’s funny was she had a guy standing right next to her and I could see how badly he wanted to talk her but didn’t know how to approach her. I calmly walked up to her and followed the CQC system. She put her number in my phone while the friendly guy next door was giving me dirrty looks lol. Before leaving I seeded ideas for dates. Will let you know how it goes!!

Thanks man! it great to have you train me this weekend. Your skills as a teacher were only exceeded by your commitment, which is great! Btw this is just the beginning! :)”

  • Raj, 27, New York City

“Hey Matt,  I wanted to reach out to you and see if I could take you guys out for drinks and/or dinner one night to thank you so much for all that you guys did for me. In July, I met an amazing girl and we have been doing fantastically well ever since (I attached a couple photos in case you’re curious). The training I received and personal growth I achieved during your program are largely to thank for this relationship, which is far better than any I thought I would be able to have or maintain, and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you both for all of your patient and kind tutelage.

I’m sure your schedule is packed full, but let me know if you have any free time one evening. I will be here throughout Christmas and New Year’s, so I should be able to make myself available just about any night.

Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope we have the opportunity to catch up while you’re in town. ”

  • John Goodman, 30, New York City

“Hey Matt, thanks. I’ll certainly do that. I know one site in particular that I’ll be posting a very positive review. And if I can find your youtube vids, I’ll comment. The weekend was an incredibly helpful experience and I was 100% happy with the training–I was actually really surprised.”

Andy, 32, New York City

“Hey Guys, just finished a bootcamp in Bangkok, Thailand with Matt Artisan. I have previous watched videos and read books on picking up girls in the day and night and had occasional success with what I had learnt.

This 3 day bootcamp completely boosted my confidence and broke down the interaction from the second u meet the girl into 3 a very simple but very steps.

The infield techniques used to get over sticking points were genius. Literally within minutes your game gets massively improved.

Great course Artisan, and intelligently put together. Kick start your self development or fine tune your day-game skills. This workshop has to be done. Your crazy not to do it.”

  • Ross, 35, Bangkok Thailand

“Taking the phone coaching is probably one of the best thing I have ever done to help my game on so many levels. I mean come on if you have an expert you can literally ask for advice 24/7 who doesn’t get massively better at whatever it is your doing? But that wasn’t the only thing, Doing this program made me open, approach, and go on more adventures then I have ever gone through at one point and time. Every time I got nervous about approaching I not only thought of the money I had spent but also of the weekly phone coaching when Josiah was going to ask me how my goals were going. Josiah never got mad at me or looked down on me for not doing it but it was just a personal goal of mine to not come to next weeks phone coaching with out anything done, hey if I’m going to spend the time money and have a personal coach for a while I might as well make the most of it right?

The advice I was given was golden and worked every time. These guys know the dating process like it’s elementary math. They not only gave me things to say to move things along with the woman but taught me how to be my natural self with out using any lines. I loved the key responses they gave me for shit test or common questions as well.

The personal goals I was given was great, I knew what I needed to work on what I needed to that week and with Josiah help I was working on new and more advance things the next week. If your seriously looking to take your game to the next level This is probably better than a boot camp because it’s longer than one weekend, and your working on your specific goals which may be in many different areas then just the immediate in field you do. I am very thankful for Josiah and this program it changed me a lot and I plan on taking this program again in the future. Thanks Josiah”

  • Matthew Gies, 38, Minneapolis

“The service that Artisan provided me with was like none I had ever received before. In only five day’s Artisan inspired a profound change with in my personality that has not faded since day one. Thanks to Artisan effective coaching style; today the way I think, feel, and act around people is completely different. In the past when I would approach or begin to start a conversation, I would often psych my self out and find my self stuck within a self created prison that existed between my own two ears. Since my work with Artisan I rarely experience the fear and anxiety that kept me from developing valuable relationships for so long.

I look forward to meeting new people today and try to view each encounter as opportunity to connect with another human being free of fear, anxiety, and judgment.
Thank you Artisan for the service you provide! You are a man of integrity!”

  • M. D., 29, Personal Trainer, Phoenix AZ

“Artisan is truly one in a million. His tactics are priceless! I can say, with conviction, that this study has affected everything in my life including work, school, friends, and even family. Jay-Z said it best when he recorded the words, ‘I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.’  SOCIAL FREEDOM – hit me!”

  • Jaye K., 23, Casanova Crew, Los Angeles PUA Lair, Pamona CA

“I went into this not really hoping for much, but I was in for a huge surprise. The teaching was great, the advice spot on, and the tips were invaluable. My life was changed for the better and I owe it all to this program!”

  • P. C., 19, Computer Engineer, Henderson, NV

“I appreciate you taking Todd out and teaching him last weekend.  Todd wrote back saying he had a great time learning with you which is great to hear!  Thanks for that! I like your professional approach.  Keep up the good work.”

  • Alex Nova, Australia’s Leading Dating Coach

“I had massive Approach Anxiety and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out what to say to women!  After coaching with Artisan, I can easily go out during the day or night and start a conversation with a woman I am attracted to, tease her, have fun, and oftentimes get a number.  The key to coaching is getting a teacher that understands what stage you are at and then teaching you what’s necessary to progress.  Artisan does this phenomenally well and really understands where you are at.  He works with you to pinpoint what you really need help with to get your game to the next level.”

  • Monish, 33, Computer Scientist

“Artisan is the real deal what more needs to be said…. A lot actually! He took my game to a whole new level in a short period of time. He was able to help me to showcase my best attributes in an attractive way. I was in Iraq for over a year in the army and Artisan helped me out work off the “rust” so to speak when it came to social interactions with women.”

  • Blake A., 28, U.S. Army, Newport Beach, CA

“Artisan helped me phenomenally. After taking coaching from him I was able to do things I was never able to do. I just didn’t ‘get it’ until he helped me.”

  • Bryan P., 34, Profession Poker Player, Las Vegas, NV

“All the confidence I lacked, Artisan really brought it out. I mean he really expanded my horizons so that I could go up to anybody even the most gorgeous gal and create a bunch of sexual tension. He taught me that it’s not about what you say but how you say it and the way you approach that counts. Follow Artisan’s guidelines and you will get a good response. I’ve actually gotten hit on back since learning this stuff. I advice anyone who has problems with confidence, problems with women, and having trouble getting a date in this town which is not the easiest place, I advise you to come and learn from The Attractive Man and he’ll show you how every ordinary guy can do it. He’ll give you the workings and teach you the ropes and give you the material to study and you will get results as I have!”

  • Vinod, 36, Patent Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“Artisan found my inner game and brought it to the surface. I had low self-esteem and didn’t think I could pull it off with a hot girl. With overcoming some obstacles I realized I could give any girl a shot. You forget about rejection and think about the WINS. Thanks Artisan for finding my life skills!”

  • Matt King, 48, London UK

“This was by far one of the best investments I could have ever made.  I was worried so much about looks that I didn’t feel confident enough to even talk to a girl.  Matt taught me that attraction isn’t about looks, its confidence.  Our first night I got two phone numbers.  He helped me with the anxiety I had with the thought of even approaching a girl from a job I was doing.  I approached her the last day and it went so well I got a date that same night!!!  He broke things down and made it easy to understand.  He didn’t make me do anything I didn’t feel comfortable doing but gave me that extra push I needed. Thanks bro.”

  • Rick, 43, Las Vegas NV

“I have to give this coach an A++++ for his services. Attending attraction camp was a great experience for me during my sessions with Matt I told him the challenges I was having with my game, during the camp he helped me overcome my challenges and taught me a lot more.  I learned a lot from attending attraction camp that helped with my awareness ,confidence, and escalating my interactions  when socializing with women .  The most important thing once you leave Attraction Camp is to continue to work and set goals for yourself based of what you have learned in order to master the success you want with women.”

Rob Chang, 22, Detroit Michigan

“My direct approaches have been going marvelously!  And I must give credit to where it’s due – your daygame system is paying off huge!!! Yesterday I number-closed a gorgeous model from Estonia.  It was a great 5-minute interaction during the daytime following a direct approach.”

  • Johan, 57, New York

“Hey Artisan, just a line to say thanks and grazie mille for what you have changed in me yesterday just by going for a short walk and talking to the crazy girl with the headphones and the group in the cafe.

Your streetgame ist damn tight and you made my day Because of you, Yesterday night, I was in such a cool state I got almost every lady I wanted and the whole night was absolitely crazy.

Ever back in frankfurt or Berlin? If you have a problem here with anything mail me, ok?”

All the best,

Saluki, 51, Frankfurt

“Hey man. Forgot to give you a written testimonial. I’ve gone on a three insta dates in college and made out with one of them.  I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out 🙂

Here’s my testimony:

I took a weekend course with Artisan and number closed three strippers (All of them 9s and 10s)!

He’s a master when it comes to non-verbal sub communication. I knew I had issues with my body language. Now that I’ve fixed them my game has tremendously improved! Other than that, Artisan is a very genuine guy that wants to help you. He really puts the time and effort to make sure you understand the structure. Also I felt he really understands how women think. He really explains deep on the female psychology. Which you won’t get from no other Pua.

On my 1-on-1 session with Artisan, I got way more effective feedback compared to any group boot camp!

In that weekend i was pushed way out my comfort zone but it definitely paid off! Number closed three smoking hot strippers, Number closed multiple women, Opened a 9 set and survived lol, had girls all over me in the clubs… If you’re looking to step up your game to the next level and on top of that really understand the female psyche and how they perceive sub communication. Then I strongly recommend a weekend session with Artisan. You will truly be amazed on what he can make you accomplish!”

  • Andre, 31, Irvine CA

“Since I have started using your program I have been kicking ass! I have slept with 3 different women already and a fourth is waiting for me to get back! I have met around 50 different women so far just following your advice and going for it, at first I was a little timid but now I say hello to everyone. Women react to me instead of the other way around now, this is great stuff. Before I started this I was married for almost 15 years and wasnt sure how I would do meeting women again being out of the game so long, I needn’t have worried! Your stuff has reminded me of how I used to be and it’s like a breath of fresh air and all new again, feels great to be single again and have women fawning over me. Thanks for the refresher and what a great program you have.
Barney Nollner

The program was awesome, and the weekly field work was scary but very beneficial to my sense of being a man. PUA is definitely more than “picking up women”. Its about finding out what kind of man I am, thats what I got out of it anyway.”

  • Dora Son, 24, Sydney Australia

“First off thank you for the program. Not only do I have incredible confidence, gotten numbers from hot chicks, and significantly decreased my approach anxiety, but I’m confident at work and communicate better (both men and women). My sales (I’m a personal trainer) have gone up. I’ve only been on board 3 weeks!!   Now to the hard part.Tthe two sticking points that I’m aware of are actually getting the number, (even though I’ve done it) and directing the conversation and flirting. Still, I’m much better, and I notice women looking at me like never before. They can sense it. Whatever it is.”


KF, 27, Austin

“First, thanks for everything! I’ve come a long way since I joined The Academy back in June. I had a period where I was a bit overwhelmed with work and school, so I couldn’t do as much progress in this area as I wished. Now my semester’s over and I feel like in the past week I’ve gotten back on track and made more progress than I did in the past few months.

Thank you so much Matt, seriously a lot of the calls, web conferences, and weekly videos gave me mini-epiphanies on not only getting chicks but life in general. Because of you I’ve become a man of action, of conviction and I have had so many  breakthroughs. I’m looking forward to the next set of videos.”


Emanuel Topete, 44, Nashville TN

I’m doing great! As things turned out the day I returned from our Europe trip I started dating someone in South Florida I’ve known for 3 1/2 years. I never dated her because there was a big age difference (she is 27…23 when I met her). But we have always been fantastic friends and I decided to move it out of the friend zone and see how it went. We have hit it off in a totally great way. We’ve spent every day together since then except for 3 (+ I had to go on a 4 week trip without her). We were just in Rio this week and I almost proposed to her there! It looks like we are on track to get married!

Now we are on a flight to Haiti together to work in an orphanage for a week.

Thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed the time with you so much.

I trust you are doing really well.

Peter, Los Angeles CA

“Hey man im so excited right now.. last night i went to a bar with my buddies and i literally hit on 1/3 of the girls there.. it was one of the best nights of my life haha.. i just wanted to say thank you and tell you that i think your program is awesome.”

  • Michael Aquinno, 29, Bangkok Thailand

“I wasn’t sure if it would work. But after came back and kept practising what he taught, I more and more believe it was a wise investment. The techniques he taught were well structured and easy to apply. I especially appreciate the day game practice, it was intensive but did help me overcome my sticking point to a great extent. Learning to be good with women is a long process, and this workshop will definitely help you to success faster.”

  • Kevin Wang, 22, Helsinki, Finland

“I gotta tell u some things that have been happening to me lately…I’ve always had a problem approaching girls and really just an all around lack of self confidence coupled with a mild case of OCD.  So needless to say it was pretty rough growing up and I could pretty much count my hook ups on two hands..I’m 30 now and for the first time in my life, I’m a beast! I started bouncing at a club this year in downtown Richmond so I’ve had more contacts with girls in the 2 months than I’ve had in the past 2 years!  Anyway, I know if I was going to close the deal, I would have to be better at approaching and texting.  So a friend told me about the 160 “sexts” to chicks so I tried it and it totally fuckin works!  I couldn’t believe it!  And now that I got general idea of how to do it, I’m coming up with all my own material.   Its awesome I’ve never been able to keep a girl enthralled with me through text.  And I’m so confident now in my approach…I’m talking to women everywhere!  And its not just THAT, my confidence has gotten boosted in other aspects of my life as well.  I feel like a new man..seriously.  So keep up the good work, and may their legs be opened to one and all!”

  • Chris Keith, 31, Ontario Canada

“I had a one night stand with a woman and laid her on street in her driveway….thanks to our previous phone consultation! I just think you are super cool and know your shit!”

  • Sandy, 27, Miami FL

“Howdy. Just wanted to thank you for some pretty great coaching. You pointed out a ton of good stuff to me. Glad to have recorded it on my iphone, because those are recurring sticking points that I’m now aware of more than ever before, and now have a great work-around for. In short, awesomeness 🙂

Oh, btw, you guys got any way of sending me the infield-video? Cheers!

Let me know if you come back to China or swing by Denmark sometime. Have a bang-up time on your further travels… and I already recommended you guys to some people in Shanghai 🙂

Another awesome-and-worth-every-god-damn-penny experience. Josiah knows his shit too!”

  • Tom, 37, Shanghai China

“I took the 7 day intensive boot camp with Matt Artisan. I think I’m a pretty normal guy, not bad with girls but also not able to simply walk up to any girl I want and get her number either.

I really enjoyed my training time. Matt didn’t ask me to wear a stupid outfit, use a cheesy nickname, or teach me any tired pick up lines. He simply helps guys become a better, more confident, version of themselves.

Today I walked around a college campus for an hour. I talked to three good looking girls and went home with two phone numbers. The ability to do this is already inside of you, Matt just helps you pull it out.”

J.P., 26, Chiropractor, Medellin Colombia

“Just wanted to thank-you for a great Bootcamp this weekend….
The 20 to 30 direct approaches that I did were more than I have ever done in my
entire life !!!
(day-time cold approaches that is )…..I really benefited from
the instruction….and the hands on coaching. This weekend…I internalized the
CQC process….applied it..and now I have confidence that I can implement it
here in New Orleans…You helped me immensely Saturday morning during the Role play when you told me to say (after asking where Starbucks was.)…Actually…then pausing ….I thought you were really cute and just had to come over and say Hi….Starting Indirect..then switching to Direct is where I am gonna start from….then obviously try new things and grow with it….
Luis did a great job also….calming me down the few times I got rattled……and he helped
keep me approaching….Anyway….the whole weekend was great…..I grew and did things I

  • Charles, 25, Houston TX

“Hi Matt!

Just wanted to say a quick thanks again for the great bootcamp and tour.

I went back to Bkk last weekend and went from Mexican jumping bean warmups all the way to a fun arcade date.  Started out nervous but it’s friggin’ awesome to have a system now with that has past experience to trust in, makes the energy more exciting as opposed to anxious.

Anyways glad I invested, worth every penny and every second.

Thanks man,”

  • Griffin, 33, Laos

“YOU ARE A GOD!!!! this is exactly what I was missing. I’m 45, divorced with 2 kids and was out of the game for 10 years. When I was forced back into the single life,  I felt like everything had changed, the 20 /30 year olds that use to be attracted to me no longer were, and  all the women that were attracted to me,  made me feel old  by just being around them. I honestly started to  think to myself ” damn, is this all I can get? ” I tried listening to Vince kelvin and Mehow on YouTube but It was hit or miss because of what you explained …I wasn’t grounded and came off as desperate with a high pitch voice. Thank you so much for changing my and my friends lives, I am gonna share this with every guy that asks for assistance Thank you!!!!”

  • Vincent Gargiulo, 45, Rome Italy

“I am Subu and first of all I would like to thank you personally because your materials had changed me so much positively from being an introvert to a guy who right now loves socializing with people. 

Thank you!!”

  • Ganesh Subramanian, 25, Bangalore India

I’ve been working with Josiah and must say the experience has been incredible. Just wanted to give a little feedback on the web material. The concept is great however I’m finding it too long to stay tuned even though I am a semi-retired with a good amount of time. Just food for thought is all.

  • Brian Frasier, 34, Civil Engineer, Waco Texas

“Your program has opened up so many doors for me man, keep it up on your end.”

  • Chris, 23, Las Vegas Nevada