are you on pornhub

Are you on Pornhub? [Comfort Zone Challenge]

What’s a fun opener that would get us out of our comfort zone, we thought? Ask random girls on the street “Are you on Pornhub?!”

Because our last Cheesy pick up line video was so much fun, we decided to take on our very own comfort zone challenge on Venice beach, CA. This time, we ask random women why they look so familiar and that if they were actually pornstars.

Do we recommend it? Nope… Does it work? Maybe… But is it BALLSY? Damn right it is! You don’t just go around asking women about p0rn, right? Well, their responses will surprise you:

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are you on pornhub

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I’m out! Cheers!

Josiah Prise
Josiah's dating skills have been honed through countless days and nights of experience in the field, side by side, with some of the world's best experts in the industry. He's so good, CNN saw him in action and decided to feature him on national television. He is our lead trainer with The Attractive Man.
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