5 biggest myths about women

5 BIGGEST Myths About Women

What are the 5 biggest myths about women, you ask?

If you think you have us all figured out, then you are wrong! But the good news is, what I am about to tell you will go against everything that you thought you knew about women!

I’m Renee Slansky for The Attractive Man and in this video I’m going to BUST 5 myths about women that you thought were true! And trust me guys, you are going to be happy about the answers…

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Alright, I’m going to let you in on a secret! I have been stalking the majority of all you men in the comments for our channel, because I want to get inside your head and know what you think about women. So click now to subscribe and be sure to watch to the end!

So, if you ever feel like really saying what you feel or want one of your questions answered then don’t hold back and tell us in our comments section!

I noticed that there were 5 major things that you guys seem to get confused and frustrated with when it comes to us ladies. So, it’s time to set the record straight and do my own version of myth busters!  Oh, and number 1 is a big myth that has to stop so make sure you watch this whole video!

5) We only want men with money

I will admit there are a lot of women out there who do prey on men for money, because they are either lazy, fearful of being broke or just down right gold diggers.  As a coach, but more than anything as a woman, this comment frustrated the hell out of me and I hear it more often than I should.

Here’s the thing. The right woman appreciates a man who can provide financially, because it helps provide her with security of the future , but it doesn’t mean she wants to count your pennies , because she will also be a woman who wants to  contribute as well!

We are women and biologically and scientifically speaking we yearn to nest and be protected by men. This doesn’t mean we want to bleed you dry or only marry you for your wallet. And if you are only experiencing women like that then the issue is that you can’t identify the right women from the wrong women and need to attend one of our bootcamps.

A man should, to some degree, want to look after his partner and children, not by having to work his ass off while she does nothing, but because it’s an act of love to help protect and provide for the family. And, the right woman will recognise that you are man of high value and will also be wanting to contribute in whatever way she can.

4) We only want to date tall, good looking men

Alright, I will confess I am attracted to a tall man, but I have dated shorter men because any woman who has the right intentions will get to a point to where they realise a real man isn’t made up only by his height.

Let’s first clarify tall. Most women see short as any man under 6ft, which is ridiculous I agree, especially when the global average height of men is 5ft 9 inches.

But let’s put things into perspective. You guys all have a certain type of woman and physical traits that you are attracted to, whether its big boobs, small bum and a tiny waist. We all have ‘types’ or ideal things we want. But in a world full of billions of singles we know that there has to be more than just these things.

Most women want a man who treats her right, the height is just an added bonus. The truth is if a man think his appearance or height is the only way to win a woman then he disadvantages himself.

Women are more attracted to the following things than height:

Confidence, manners , ability to lead , romance, and being valued and made to feel special.  

3) We don’t like men approaching us

Ok hold the phone! We love it when men approach us with confidence and charm, we hate it when they make us feel unsafe or are sleazy and aggressive. See the difference there?

If you haven’t watched my other video on 10 tips for approaching women effectively, then put that on your to do list.  

Women may come across guarded when you approach her but it doesn’t mean she won’t be interested, she just doesn’t know you yet, so her reaction is normal!  But if you want to set the right impression then it’s all IN THE WAY you approach her. We see men talking to us and singling us out as old school romance, it makes us feel special and sets our hearts a flutter.

And here’s the thing, asking a woman out or talking to her is going to give you more of an indication if there is potential for anything as opposed to just selecting someone through a dating app.

Don’t be scared, be a gentleman and you will probably be shocked by their reaction.

2) We are high maintenance and want you to do all the effort

I will say one thing, we do live in a time where self-entitlement is killing relationships and driving men and women apart.  Women don’t want you to do all the effort, but they do expect you to invest and make them a priority. And you know what, this is completely normal because it communicates that you value and like her.

Dating isn’t a competition of who does more or less, it’s a courtship and both people should be making the amount of effort that reflects how they feel. If she’s coming across high maintenance, ask yourself first, is this woman actually a diva or am I actually being lazy and not doing enough?

Everyone wants to point the finger at someone else and the truth is women are just as scared as you guys of being taking advantage of. We don’t want to date users either.

1) We don’t care about sex

I don’t know where this myth came from but I have a feeling it’s from the 1950’s or from an over worked and underappreciate tired mother who just wants to sleep sometimes.  OK time for a little fact for you men.

Yes men do have a higher sex drive and think about sex 60% more than women on a daily basis , but a study that was published in TIME magazine revealed that their colleagues found that women in their 30s and early 40s are significantly more sexual than younger women. Women ages 27 through 45 report not only having more sexual fantasies (and more intense sexual fantasies) than women ages 18 through 26 but also having more sex, period.

Women want to have sex, but they also want the emotional connection. So the key then isn’t just to focus on getting physical with her but also tapping into her emotional state as well.

Guys you can sit there and vent your frustration through the comments or you can start to really understand us a bit more and then use it to your advantage. We aren’t that complicated , we are just misunderstood and a great woman is an asset!

But if you struggle with even knowing how to strike up a conversation or basically feel a little lost when it comes to women then be sure to download our Confidence cheat sheet Which has 18 proven ways to increase your confidence fast. These are methods based on science and psychology.

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5 biggest myths about women

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So what are other things you struggle with when it comes to women? Tell me in the comments section of this video and I will try to answer as many as possible and even do another video on one of the questions!

See you in the next video!

– Renee

hair loss cures

Hair Loss Cures (How I Got My Hair Back!)

Want to know my top 5 Hair Loss Cures? Here’s how I got my hair back!

Look… If you’re losing hair and it’s freaking you out… And you’re desperately looking for a solution…

Then don’t worry.

Because I’ve literally tried it all…
And I finally found what works:

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Going Bald? Here are my Top 5 HAIR LOSS CURES

If you look at my older videos you can see that I have a lot less hair than I do now and guys ask me, “what the [email protected]#k did you do?”

Well, gentlemen I’ve tried it all,  transplants (by the way if you are thinking it about then listen to what I have to say about it first because it will save you a lot of frustration) micropigmentation, drugs, shampoo’s, rogaine,  you name it, so before you go out and spend lots of money watch this entire video because instead of spending thousands of dollars you can actually spend less than $50 for a full looking head of hair.

Okay, let’s start off with the most expensive and work our way down to the least expensive and find out how I have a full looking head of hair despite the fact that I’ve been losing my hair since I was a teenager.

#5: Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants are an expensive ($7k to 12k) permanent option but don’t do it if you still have hair to spare! There’s something about hair transplants that makes you LOSE healthy hair in the process. Check the video out because I explain what happened to me and you might have second thoughts when trying this out IF you still have some hair to spare.

#4:Micro-pigmentation (semi-perminent)

Micro-pigmentation is a temporary option and it covers the scar of a transplant, but the top only lasted 6 months for me.

This is a good option if you are completely bald and want to have a shaved look instead of a bald look.

#3: Drugs (Medication)

I’ve experience hair loss since high school and I feel like using these medications (see the video for details of what I used) has helped slow the hair loss. I think, if I hadn’t used the medications, I would have lost a good deal of healthy hair by now!

#2: Topical remedies

Shampoos can’t hurt, but I haven’t noticed any increase in hair volume nor have I noticed that it adds to hair growth. So for shampoos, at least for me, weren’t successful.

#1: Toppik

Toppik, find the link in the YouTube Description, is what I mainly use for my hair. Its great! It adds lot of volume and texture (See video for details and demonstrations of me using it) and I’ve never been called out for using it (It goes to show how naturally it looks and feels!)

It also helps to have a haircut that compliments where you are thinning. Don’t do a comb over or grow your hair out long if you are thinning because that usually will make it look worse. Pay extra money and go somewhere where they can recommend the best haircut for the areas you are thinning. .


And of course, if you don’t like any of those options you could always just say screw it and shave your head. You might want to buy a bald cap first to see what you would look like. I tried that and I didn’t like it, but some people look even better with a completely shaved head.

It is 1000x better than having the old man’s bald on top hair on the sides look.

I know that losing your hair sucks and can deplete your confidence — which is why I created a confidence cheat sheet.

Claim your Free Confidence Cheat Sheet; proven to boost your confidence and self-esteem and eliminates anxiety!

hair loss cures

Boost your confidence!

That’s all for now, man! Till next video.



practice eye contact

Practice Eye Contact Video (Part 2)

Hey man! Use this “Practice Eye Contact Video” to help you master looking into her eyes during a conversation!

Practicing eye contact can be tough especially when you’re not used to doing it. It may sound hard, but it’s actually quite easy with constant practice.

I created this video to help you practice eye contact while talking with girls – so make sure you pay attention to what I say at the start. If you missed Part 1, make sure to watch it first here.

Watch Part 2 of the Video below:

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon!


practice eye contact video

Practice Eye Contact Video (Part 1)

Hey man! Use this “Practice Eye Contact Video” to help you master the look of desire!

Practicing eye contact can be tough, especially when you’re not used to doing it. It may sound hard, but it’s actually quite easy with constant practice.

I created this to help you practice eye contact with girls – so make sure you pay attention to what I say at the start. Watch Part 1 of the Video below:

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That’s all for now! Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!


best last minute valentines day date ideas

BEST Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas

Here are the BEST Last Minute VALENTINES DAY Date Ideas!

Valentine’s day is here and before you label it as a cheesy hallmark holiday, let me just say that it is the perfect day to win a single girl over. Why? Because from January the first she is already hoping and wishing that she has someone to spend it with!

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best last minute valentines day date ideas

Download the Conversation Cheat Sheet for more on what to say to her.

BEST Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas

10: Go to a singles event

There are probably quite a few Anti Valentine’s Day events for singles in your area, which is a perfect opportunity to grab some of your single mates and head along to.

The reason why this is prime ground for finding a girl, is you will literally be in a room with abundant of single women who are probably wishing that next year they have someone special to share the day with.

Now if you want to know the next 9 easy ways to find a date  then make sure you click the subscribe button and give us a thumbs up!

9:  Carry a bunch of roses to give out to women

This might sound random, but giving a random rose to a woman who you are attracted to, is a great way to open a conversation.

Now it’s not to say the first will take you up on your offer, but if you carry enough roses and ask enough girls then who’s to say you can’t find a girl who might want to go on a date with you.  

8: Ask the girl out at the gym –  

If you have been eyeing a cutie at the gym or maybe even had a few casual conversations, why not use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to take her out. You might even say to her or slip her a note saying “will you be my Valentine” …it will probably make her giggle and is a good way to open up a conversation that leads to a date!

7: Do a #hashtag search for Valentine’s day on social media –

There will be so many girls on social media either trashing Valentine’s day or saying how much they wish they had someone, so look at some of the accounts you follow or search a few hashtags like #singleawarenessday #needavalentine #needaboyfriend….and start talking to them via a message and see if you can woo her into a date (provided she lives near you!)

6: Go to a single parent meet up

If you are a single dad then this is a great way to connect with other single mums who might be feeling lonely this time of the year. The best ways to find single parent groups is either a community notice board or through joining a Facebook group that does local meet ups.

5: Ask your work colleagues if they can set you up –  

Whilst dating your work colleague isn’t always ideal, it’s not to say you can’t date one of their friends. Sometimes finding a match is simply by using your connections and social circle to your advantage by expanding it and asking if they can set you up on a blind date!

4: Join a dating app or online site-  

Ok obvious one here, but the good point is, you have the perfect excuse to actually ask her out on a date earlier rather than later. Chances are she will be wanting to spend the day or night of Valentines with someone rather than alone, so this is a great opportunity to jump on!

3: Host a dinner party –

Dinner parties are a great way to meet new people in the comfort of your own home. Ask your friends to bring along any single friends or just new friends in general, so that you can create opportunities to meet new people and make a new connection. You never know who they might bring or who they might also know would be an ideal date for you!

2:  Buy a random girl a coffee –

If you go to a regular coffee store and see, then why not buy the next hot girl you see a coffee – even if she works behind the counter! Finding dates are often just about recognising opportunities in different environments and circumstances.

1:  Go on a date with yourself! –

If all else fails why not make this day about spending time with the most important you can ever have a relationship with, and that is yourself! I am a huge fan of dating myself regularly, because it means I learn to find joy in my own company, which funnily enough ends up attracting even more people into your life who want to add value!

Now in most of these scenarios you are going to have to strike up a conversation, so if that’s something you struggle with then download our free conversation cheat sheet now.

best last minute valentines day date ideas

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I’m Renee Slanksy for The Attractive Man and I’ll see you in my next video!

Bye for now!