how to look better

How to Look Better this 2019

Want to know how to look better this 2019?

We’ve said in this channel that it’s not ALL about the looks or money. But that doesn’t mean you have permission to look like a bum all the time!

Don’t worry – you don’t need loads of cash for this, it’s about upping your fashion game and looking confident inside and out!

Because when you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll be guaranteed to become better at approaching women… Check the video out:

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how to look better

Boost your confidence!

Well guys that is it for this week’s Fashion Tips, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel and click that little bell for notifications about our new videos.

Until next time, it was good to have you! Oh, and remember – if you look good, you feel good!

best first date

Best First Date Questions (5 things to ask)

Here’s my new video about the Best First Date Questions!

What if I told you height, money and looks aren’t the only way to win a girl over? In fact, if you ask her these 5 questions I am about to tell you, you will leave a lasting impression that will set you apart from every other guy.

I’m Renee Slansky for The Attractive Man Team, and in this video, I’m going to reveal to you the top 5 questions to ask a woman on a first date, that will have her wanting to know more about you on a second date!

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best first date

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5 BEST First Date Questions

5: “Are you OK here or would you like to go somewhere else? I want you to be comfortable …”

The first thing a woman will be instinctively feeling and thinking is “Do I feel comfortable and safe with this guy”  Because we are doing two things when we meet you in the first 5 mins :

  • Working out if we are attracted to you
  • Working out if we feel safe around you.

As the weaker sex , we instinctively want to make sure we can trust you to lead us and make us feel secure and protected.

This is why it’s important to ask her that! Ask her if she feels too cold or hot, is it too loud or are there too many other males there so she feels intimidated.

Guys be the hero from the first date, take control and show straight away that you are concerned about how she feels.

Asking about if she feels too cold is also a great opportunity to take your jacket off and put it around her as well. By expressing your concern, you come across as a gentleman, which is what we want to know you are.

4: “Can you let me know as soon as you get home, so I know you’re safe?”

BOOM! This is so good because once again it shows that you are concerned for our safety, and that you will be still thinking about us after we have gone. It’s downright chivalrous behaviour and makes us feel like a damsel in distress, plus it gives us an excuse to text you first! (which is what we secretly want to do if we really like you.)

Remember one of the main impressions you want to leave on us, is that you actually care about our safety and wellbeing. It makes us feel valued and really feminine! We then already start to see you in the light of being a gentleman and a hero. NO joke that’s how we work, it really is that simple.

3: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Ok this is a great question because it does two things: the first is that it gives you an indication of who we are as a woman and what we want… (remember guys don’t just aim to impress women , aim to impress women that are actually worth dating and investing into)

And secondly, it also sends the message to her that you are a future thinker…that you are a man with a plan and it may very well include her!

Trust me before we have even met you we are already starting to work out if you are our future husband and by the first 10 -30 mins we are now starting to piece together everything…. it’s how we work as women (hence why I coach women to not jump ahead and just stay present!)

But on the flip side use that weakness to your advantage IF you have the right intentions. It doesn’t mean she is the one, but by at least asking her this question it shows that you are also a man who thinks about the next part of your life.

2: “Have you ever been told that you look like …(insert a gorgeous celebrity)”

Ok, there is a slight rule with this one…make sure you choose someone who she actually remotely looks like… no point saying she looks like Beyoncé if she is Chinese. Also, make sure the celebrity is someone that has some sort of credibility, no woman wants to be compared to some trashy figure.

If you can’t think of anyone, then find another way to compliment her without it being sexualised, for example: “Has anyone ever told you, you have a beautiful smile?”  or “Did you know your eyes change colour in different light “?

Point out the small details that you are noticing and she will feel singled out and very special and you will come across really romantic…like seriously we melt with that sort of stuff.

1: “Are you a family type of girl?”

Double BOOM! This is going to hit her right in the feels because it shows that you are someone who appreciates family which equals: good man = good husband= good father =jackpot. Yep, we go that far.

Ask her about her family, parents and siblings to show you care and then talk about your own so that she can feel more connected and closer to you. No doubt the subject of children will come into the conversation at some point, feel free to express your own opinion here, but make sure you do so in a way that is thoughtful and promising, but not necessarily committed. For example, don’t say “I hate kids and never want kids” …instead say “I’m pretty certain I don’t want kids because I think the right woman is enough for me

Or if you do want children, then casually say “I think when I meet the right girls , then I’ll be ready for children” ….you want her to start painting pictures in her mind that she might be the special one for you!

Guys these are just 5 simple questions that can literally get her hooked on you. The thing is they are also great starting points for conversation to get to know more about each other which helps make a date flow .

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best first date

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I’m Renee Slanksy for The Attractive Man and I’ll see you in my next video!

Bye for now!

what to text a girl who stopped responding

What To Text A Girl Who Stopped Responding (2019)

Know what to text a girl who stopped responding?!

Imagine this…

Ever text back and forth with a girl you really like, and then BAM! –

… out of the blue, she stops texting you back?

No problem…
Just send this 4-word text to revive ANY dead text conversation:

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what to text a girl who stopped responding
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Berkeley psychologists found that receiving a text message makes people feel more connected and causes an upswing in mood.  But this might surprise you, the open rate of SMS messages is 99%, yet the average response rate of the text is 45%.

Before I give you my favorite text, I have 3 crucial tips you need to start implementing immediately.

Make sure you check that out and my 4 word text here:

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signs she wants to sleep with you

10 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

These are my 10 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You!

Back in the day, I used to miss all the signals.  One time, a girl told me she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I still didn’t make the move. I MISSED IT!

Today, I’m going to reveal THE 10 universal signs that reveal a girl is eager to go home with you. These apply whether you are on a date, meet her at a bar or even meet her during the day walking down the street.

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signs she wants to sleep with you

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#10. She is receptive to your touch.

Start small and work your way up. Going too strong can land you a slap or worse, a rape accusation. Women don’t like it rough right away!

If she’s receptive to your small touches here and there, say, holding her back, then her shoulder, her arm. Then her waist. If she’s comfortable with that, try working your way up and you’ll eventually get the hint she wants you to touch her all the time!

Of course, get the hint if she’s shying away or reacting negatively. Like I said, there are always limits to your touch, especially when she’s not receptive to you.

Check out our 10 SIGNS SHE WANTS TO SLEEP WITH YOU to find out more.

Even when she gives you these signals you still have to make your move, which is why I created this awesome FREE escalation cheat sheet:

signs she wants to sleep with you

not ready for a relationship

7 Reasons Why You’re NOT READY for a Relationship

Is she not ready for a relationship? Or are YOU not ready for a relationship?

Right now, there are over 3.5 billion women in the world. 2 billion of them are between 24-54 years old. Let’s assume half of them are single.

That leaves 1 billion women who – based on my experience – are actively looking to meet a man or are open to it. So why then are you struggling to meet ONE?  

Why is it that you can’t find a girl?

Why do you go on dates and put in all this effort… but still aren’t getting anywhere?

There are 7 reasons why and Renee Slansky from The Attractive Man team is here to tell you what those 7 fatal reasons are, and exactly how to turn them around.

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not ready for a relationship

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7 Reasons Why You’re NOT READY for a Relationship

1: You don’t know what you want

If you are out there dating and trying to have a relationship and have absolutely no idea, or a really vague idea of what you want, then it’s going to be a very confusing process for everyone involved.

Think of love like a map. In order to set a course, you have to know where you are and where you want to get to. This is what gives you a point of direction to work towards.

If you don’t have a sense of direction, you’ll just aimlessly wander around from girl to girl and never actually get anywhere.

Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to sit down, grab a piece of paper and actually write down WHAT YOU WANT! List the top 5 qualities in your dream girl and dream relationship and then ask yourself, how can I make that a reality?  Do you want a long-term or casual relationship? Because identifying what type of relationship you want will help you work out what qualities that girl will have that can give you that type of relationship.

Do you need to be more proactive? Do you need to do some work on yourself? Do you have any idea where this type of girl might hang out?

The clearer you are the more chances you’ll have of attracting her and recognizing her when she comes along.

2: You need to sort out your baggage

Let’s be adults now and understand that no one is coming to rescue us and that we are actually the common denominator in our lives. If you are struggling to hold a girl or find a girl then it could be because you need to sort your crap out!

A high value awesome woman isn’t going to put up with a guy that still lets his past get him down. Stop making excuses and do something about what you are bitter or angry about.

Having a great relationship is about being a great partner who doesn’t hold onto unnecessary destructive crap.

I want you to do something: I want you imagine grabbing a suitcase and load it up with 10 or 20 kgs of weight, then I want you to take it on every date with you and try to meet women…. pretty sure women are going to run a mile ….

Well that’s what having baggage is like…it repels the right people from our life and attracts the ones who also have unresolved baggage.

So here’s what you need to do to get rid of it:  Write a list of all the people who hurt you, list what they did, speak forgiveness over them and yourself out loud for each person: which is something as simple as “I Rob… forgive you Jane for breaking my heart and hurting me in 2010, I release you and myself from this experience” .

Then burn that list. It might seem stupid, but hey I’m the coach and I actually know what works, so try it for me.

Remember you can’t correct what you aren’t willing to confront.

3: Choose commitment.

I will say this, you aren’t alone and it is more common for men to fear commitment than women, but just because you are in company doesn’t mean it’s going to justify your fears or that it’s good company!

It’s time to grow up and realise that commitment is not a prison sentence, it’s an opportunity to be loved wholly by someone and open your heart to another who can actually enhance it.

Statistically speaking, married men actually live longer and have less stress, because they understand that a problem shared is a problem halved!

There will always be risk involved but you get to choose how you respond to life. So, try and just take commitment in baby steps instead of being scared away from the big picture.  

And ask yourself where does this fear come from, is there baggage from point number 2 you need to sort out?

4: You’re dating the wrong woman over and over again!

If you have a type that’s a great starting point, but just make sure it’s women who are also good for you.

You see you can’t choose who you are attracted to, but you can choose who to fall in love with.  Not all women are money hungry, blood sucking, heartbreakers (shock horror I know!)

But you have to weed out the good from the bad and learn to identify them early on.  Make sure when you are attracted to a woman that you are taking your time to get to know her, look at what she’s consistent in, and ask yourself if she has more than just looks and sexual attraction going for her.

One thing I get my clients to do is an ex mug line up …basically I want you to profile all your exs and previous dates and see what common qualities and similarities they all have. Then trace back what could be indications of these such as her looks, way to act, dress, her friends etc.

Then once you have an idea, you will be able to pick up on it before it’s too late!

5: You’re not making room for anyone in your life

If you want someone to fit in, then you have to make them feel like they have a place. I get it, you want to have all your ducks lined up in a row, but if you keep delaying because you don’t feel ready, you’ll keep missing out and losing more time.

It’s not about trying to squeeze her in when you finally have everything perfect, you can still have a relationship even while everything else is in progress.

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to set 1–2 nights a week free where you would eventually want to spend quality time with her. Right now, she’s not in your life, but it’s about getting prepared and in a positive routine to receive her. Dedicate these two nights to either proactively trying to get a date, by being social or interacting with women or doing something fun.

Next, I want you to clear a space in your bathroom for her… yep when she eventually comes you will already have a space for her to fit in!  Also, this physical reminder will keep you accountable to what you want and need to do as well to get it.

6: Your standards are too high or too low

Guys, get to know what a healthy and realistic standard is. Stop guessing or basing it off your past experiences and get educated.

If your standards are too low you will always be disappointed and unfulfilled. But, if they are too high, then women will never feel like they can please you and you will end up alone. The two indications of a healthy relationship are peace and progress. If you don’t have either then you are either too high or too low!

7: You don’t have a clue about women!

Ok lastly this is a pretty big one. If you don’t know a thing about women then we aren’t going to feel like you add value to us. This is why you have to subscribe to our channel, because we literally give all the juicy details away.

Guys women aren’t that complicated. We teach you how to talk to them and woo them, so if you haven’t downloaded one of our escalation cheat sheets then do so now.

Here’s the thing, a lot of the time all we want is to feel like a priority, have some security and know that you think we are beautiful and valued. It’s that simple.

If you want to know how we tick you have to get inside our heads and hearts! Make the effort to invest getting to know how we tick, what we feel and want, because it’s actually going to be to your own advantage, plus you’ll make up for lost time and set yourself apart from every other man out there.

Well that was a lesson and a half and pretty darn good, so do me a favour and share it with a mate and give us a thumbs up!

Don’t forget to download our Escalation cheat sheet. It will help you take things to the next level and give you the confidence to take things to the next level smoothly. You can download it by simply clicking on the image at the bottom of the screen.

not ready for a relationship

Until next time, I’m Renee and I’ll see you soon!


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