How To Not Give A F**K About What People Think Of You

Do you want a magnetic personality?

A personality that hooks peoples attention and makes them want more.  A personality that attracts beautiful women and a personality that guys respect.

In reality, you have a rockstar personality inside of YOU.  I know it. Personality is not so much acquired, but released, from within.  Your personality is the manifestation of your unique creative self. You have a “good” personality when you are able to express your real self.  In other words, your sexy, awesome, influential personality is revealed when you don’t give F**K about what other people think of you.

The problem is, most guys (and people) are too afraid to let it out. You see, in every social situation, people are always giving you feedback.  Some of it is negative and some of it is positive.  For example, if they like what you say, they may smile.  If they don’t like what you say, they may give you a look of confusion.

This feedback is good because it allows us to adjust how we come across to people and accomplish our desired outcome.  Now, the problem arises when guys become too attached to the outcome… or the reaction of the other person.  This manifests itself in two ways.

1. Some guys strive to be the “Funny and Likeable” guy. He does everything he can to get people to laugh and smile.  He is constantly seeking their positive reaction and their approval.  The problem is that he loses all attraction because he is putting others before him.  He has now become the “entertainer” instead of the “King” who gets entertained.  This is not letting your true personality shine because it is still dependent on other peoples reactions.

2. When guys take negative feedback or peoples reactions too seriously, they shut down, become quiet,  and don’t let their personality shine.  They would rather stay quiet and do nothing than risk getting a bad reaction from people. They cannot express their personality and let their inhibitions take over. They are constantly focused on avoiding any negative feedback whatsoever so they do nothing. Symptoms of this are shyness, timidity, self-consciousness, and nervousness.

Do you fall into one of those categories?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Many people are self-conscious and would rather not have any negative feedback.  But negative feedback is good.  For example, let’s say you are traveling in your car from point A to point B with your GPS.  Let’s say you take a wrong turn and your GPS says, “You are going the wrong way, please turn around.”  Would you quit driving altogether because you made one wrong move?  Or would you just turn around and keep going?  It is the same with life and social situations.  When you receive a negative response, adjust and keep moving forward.

When people are too self-conscious, they care TOO much about what people think.  If this is you, then it is time to NOT GIVE A F**K about what they think of you.

Do you want to make a good impression with women or people in general?  The way to make a good impression on another person is TO NEVER CONSCIOUSLY TRY TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION ON THEM. Don’t act or fail to act purely to create a certain reaction.

You may be thinking, “If I don’t care what people think, I may lose my job, or hurt people’s feelings…”  Okay, true.  At some level it is good to care for other people.  However, if you are  self-conscious, shy, timid, worry a lot, or are seeking positive reactions, then YOU NEED TO STOP and move to the other side of the spectrum called, “NOT GIVING A F**K about what they think of you“.

What do I mean?  I mean acting on behalf of what YOU want to do.

Don’t act based on other people.  I DO NOT MEAN HARMING PEOPLE EMOTIONALLY OR PHYSICALLY. There is a balance where you care for people, but you don’t react if they have a negative response towards you.

So practice disinhibition.  Here are some exercises:

1. Practice speaking your mind.  Don’t think too hard about what you are going to say.  Let the words flow out.

2. Stop Criticizing yourself .  Self-criticism and analysis can be useful every once in while but if done constantly, it is defeating.

3. SPEAK LOUDER.  Start right now to speak 15% louder than usual.  Most timid people speak very softly.  You will notice an improvement in confidence when you speak louder.

4. Let people know when you like them.  People with a self-conscious personality are afraid of complementing people because it may come across as manipulative.  The attractive man speaks his mind.  So today find one person that you can genuinely complement.  Guy or girl, whatever.

Don’t care what people think of you.  You are a awesome.

Make it happen, captain.


Picking Up Women on the Subway/Metro

Pop Quiz

What are you doing while riding the Subway/Metro?

A – Listening to Music

B – Texting

C – Updating your Facebook/Twitter

D – Reading your Kindle or local Newspaper

E – Talking To Girls

All but one of the above activities are what most guys do when on the train.  Which one of these seems misplaced? If you picked E you’re on the right track (no pun intended). And because of this your automatically at an advantage.

You see, most guys don’t talk to girls on the train, which leaves it a highly untapped market to meet some really great girls.  Best of all it, due to the nature of the environment conversations with girls are fast, quick and easy so there’s less of a chance of you saying something that may screw it up.

Train rides are usually boring and girls are for the most part alone. This is your chance to be different and make it a great experience for some lucky girl.  No cock-blocking friends, no loud music and definitely no competition from other men.  Its an almost perfect environment.

In this video, you’ll learn how to approach women at the train terminal, platform or even on the train itself.  Watch the video, then next time you’re on the train you’ll know exactly what to do when you see that cutie.

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How to approach a girl on the phone

Approaching A Girl On The Phone – [Infield Video]

When approaching women during the day time, most guys avoid “awkward” situations. For example, they avoid approaching when a woman is on the phone, with her mom, pushing her baby in a stroller, eating food, etc. because it seems harder and riskier.  But, is it really?

Women realize that it takes a lot of courage and confidence to approach in those types of “unorthodox” situations. Therefore, you actually get MORE attraction when you approach. Yeah, that’s right, these approaches that seem harder, are actually easier because she will instantly be more attracted.

Here is a Golden Rule of Attraction:  “Understand what MOST guys do in a given situation, and instead of doing what they do, do something bold.”

Trust me, I approach women in these situations all the time and you can actually see the attraction for you written on their face. It’s pretty nice.

And, really these approaches aren’t any harder or riskier than any other situation. You just need to “Acknowledge The Reality”.

Acknowledging the reality is a simple technique of stating whatever the problem is. So, in the case of a girl on talking on the phone if I just went up and said, “Hey you are too cute” I would come off as rude and socially inept.

Instead, acknowledge the reality by saying, “Hey, I know you are on the phone and this is so rude, but you are too cute I had to say ‘hi’.” It doesn’t seem rude at all.  In fact, it allows you to come off as very confident and socially bold.

So instead of avoiding these scenarios, begin to look for girls on the phone, with their mom, shopping in lingerie stories, etc. and “Acknowledge The Reality” and you will see a huge surge of immediate attraction.

So get out there and find women in “awkward” situations and approach them!  

You will see the results and be thanking me later.  Here is an infield video to show you how it is done (Excuse the audio quality).  Write your questions in the comments section down below.


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How To Pick Up Girls On Vacation

Do you have your next vacation scheduled?  Well, if you want to meet some pretty women, then you should.

Let me tell you about the art of seducing pretty ladies while on vacation. In this video, I am on vacation in Belize with the family and I lay down the best way to pick up women while you are on vacation.

To clarify, it doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation either.  You can always find a good vacation spot within driving distance of  where you live.  Another good option is going solo to a foreign country while you stay in hostels.  Hostels are great places to meet women for two main reasons.  One, women are friendly and looking to meet new people.  Two, at the end of the night you both end up at the same place.

So take some time off work, pack your bags, and go escape to an exotic destination.

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Holiday Sex Secrets

You would probably assume that summer is the time for steamy hot sex. And, well, you are partially right.

People are more in the mood to hit the sheets during the warm season because hot weather typically puts people in higher spirits, and moreover, the exposed skin tantalizes the minds of men (and women) causing their naughty imaginations to run rampant.

But don’t despair. I am here to help you get more sex this holiday season than a nympho at a sex convention.


Tip 1: Get Cozy

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to text a girl and invite her over to your place for some hot cocoa bundled together in front of the fireplace under a warm blanket. If you don’t have a fire place, and assuming the girl you invite has a sense of humor, just go on Ebay or Amazon and buy a cheap dvd of a fireplace. This can make for a great laugh. Then invite her over to get warm in front of your “fireplace” and underneath the blanket your hands and imaginations can start to wander. And, let the fun begin.

Start off by sending this text, “hey its freezing outside….hot cocoa in front of the fireplace wrapped in a warm blanket would be amazing :)”. If she responds favorably, which she will, then invite her over!


Tip 2: Spike the Hot Cocoa

Why not make things fun by adding a little alcohol to that hot beverage? Hot egg-nog with some brandy is one of my personal favorites. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to get her drunk, however, a little alcohol will help her open up to you. Open up her playful side by talking about childhood christmas memories and before you know it, you will be acting like kids under the blanket.


Tip 3: Naughty or Nice?

If you don’t have a girl you can get over tonight for some cuddle action in front of your fake TV fireplace for some spiked hot chocolate and under-the-blanket frisking, then it’s time to get off your ass and get out into the cold to find yourself a prospective candidate. One of my favorite holiday bar openers is, “Naughty or nice?” (You can use this as a fun text message as well.) This opener immediately starts the conversation off on a sexual note and you can proceed from there to flirtatiously saying, “I have a feeling you ended up on Santa’s naughty list this year.”

After some more sexual banter simply invite her over to your place for, well you know the drill, cocoa fire and adult-fun!


Tip 4: Capitalize at Holiday Parties

Beautiful women are everywhere, especially holiday parties.  There is something about the cold that makes a woman want to be with a man during the winter.  As you are socializing during your company party, friends gathering, or new years party, remember to work the room.  If you talk with everyone and be the life of the party, the girls will not only notice you, but want to be with you.

Furthermore,  there is something special for a girl about being their “first kiss” for the new year.  So when the clock strikes twelve, go back to that girl you have been flirting with all night and make it happen captain.

Be Safe and Happy Holidays and Merry XXX-Mas from everyone at The Attractive Man Team!