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How To Meet Girls During The Day

We have all been there… You see a HOT girl nearby that completely catches you off guard. You didn’t know what to say to her or how to approach her so you probably just walked away. You don’t know how to meet girls during the day.

It sucks.  I know because I’ve been there.

Well, let me show you, step-by-step, how it is done. Approaching women during the day is my favorite time to meet girls because it is SO MUCH EASIER to get dates with HOTTER GIRLS.

While approaching women during the day, use this simple 3-step system.

I call it the “2-Minute Chase Me Method” because when done right, she will become so attracted she will start chasing you.

How To Pick Up Girls During The Day

1. Compliment
2. Qualify
3. Close

Now let’s break it down…

1. Compliment

I know what you are thinking… “I thought I was never supposed to compliment a girl!!!”  Most guys don’t know what they are talking about.  Most guys will tell you to never buy girls drinks either.

Here is the deal.  If you can demonstrate yourself as the a Strong And Confident Man, then you can do whatever you want as most rules won’t apply to you.  When you boldly go up to her and give her a compliment, you demonstrate your confidence.

The purpose of the interaction is to give value, which will build attraction.  You see, high value men don’t need to prove their value so they give value away.

Let’s Talk About the Opening: 

The best way to open is to go up and give her a GENUINE Compliment.  Tell her something that caught your eye.  Why would you want to talk to her… Does she have cool shoes, an awesome tattoo, nice boobs, etc.  If you think she’s cute… tell her she’s cute.

Example: “This is random but you are absolutely (pause) stunning. I had to come say hi. My name is….

She’ll immediately see that you are an honest guy who has a lot of confidence and goes for what ever he wants in life. You’re not beating around the bush like most lame guys.

Be honest, authentic, and confident.  Look her in the eye as you say it.  Speak slowly and articulate.

When you do this she will see you as an honest guy with balls.  She probably has never had anyone do this to her.


2. Qualify

Confident and Attractive men don’t date every girl because they think she is hot.  They qualify them.  So the next step is to have her qualify herself to you.  Ask her something that you would like to know about her.  Be genuine in your screening process.

Example: “So who are you? Tell me something about yourself?”

Have the attitude that she needs to win you over.

If your opening is done right, she will want to qualify herself to you. Once you get her talking, chit-chat with her for a couple minutes.  Play around with her and tease her.


3.  Close

After you have decided that YOU do like this girl, then go for her number.  Do this after you have talked with her and qualified her. Getting a number is easy.  The purpose of getting the number is only because you expect to see her again.  Therefore say something like this…

“Listen, you are pretty cool. We should hang out sometime. Here put your number in my phone.(Hand her your phone)”

Do not ask her for her number.  You are the alpha man and therefore you should expect that she wants to hang out with you.


So now that you have her number, set up a date.  More on that later.

how to approach a girl

How To Approach A Girl | 3 Minute Number Close

Watch as Matt Artisan, Head Instructor for The Attractive Man shows you how to approach a girl during the day and get a number under 3 minutes.

how to approach a girl

Make sure you pay attention to what he says, his eye contact, his body language, and his attitude.  In another post we will break down exactly what to do so you can get dates too.

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how to kiss a girl

How To Kiss A Girl In 5 Minutes Of Meeting Her!

A student just asked me, “How do I kiss a girl I just met 5 minutes ago?”

Here is what I told him… How to kiss a girl in 5 minutes of meeting her:

Note:  Not all women will let you kiss them in 5 minutes and you may not want to if you are seeking a relationship.  However, if you create so much sexual tension, it will be hard for her to resist. You can also use this at any time.

If you want to kiss a girl as soon as possible, it’s really just all about creating Sexual Attraction from the start. Here is how you do that…

1.  Express your sexual confidence (frame control)

What turns women on?  Sexual confidence.  When you walk up to her, let her feel your power, your masculinity, and your sexuality.

Let her know you see her as a beautiful desirable women… not by telling her, but with your eyes.  This is what we call “The Look of Desire”.  This is much better explained in video or in person and if you have taken our advanced training, you have probably heard us talking about this.

Basically,  communicate with your eyes that you want her.  Have a slight smile that says, “You don’t even know how much sexual pleasure I can give you.”  It is almost as if you hiding a dirty secret from her.  Do this one thing and it will get women to vibe sexually with you.

2.  Make Her feel comfortable

Make her feel comfortable in your conversation and in the way you touch her.

See, what most guys don’t realize is that women WANT you to sexually escalate and they want to be kissed. They just want you to do it in a way that is comfortable for them.

Think about it, if she’s not comfortable holding hands with you then she’s not going to be comfortable kissing you.

So you need to gradually increase the touching in a way that makes her feel comfortable.  For example, touch her arm lightly as you tease her, then grab her hands and comment on her rings, whisper into her ear and get really close so she feels your breathe. Then when you feel her heating up, do what feels natural. If she stops you, no worries, just be cool and start escalating again in a few minutes.

An indirect way to start touching is to start tickling her.  Say, “I bet you’re ticklish.” Then tickle the side of her stomach or if you are sitting next to her, squeeze her thigh in a slow sexual way.

3. Make Your Move Stud

Women like a guy that takes action and makes moves on her. It makes them feel wanted and desired.

If you have set the sexual frame from the beginning and made her comfortable, then she will most likely be open to a kiss.  Here are some steps to make your move

1.  Stare at her lips, slowly and then back at her eyes. This will make her think of kissing you.

2.  Once there is sexual tension, say,  “If you keep staring at me like that, I am going to have to kiss you.”

3.  If she stays in that sexual vibe, then go for it.  She may turn away because it is “too soon.”  No worries, she will be so turned on by the fact that you did go for it.

Let’s do another example of how to kiss close a girl in under 5 minutes, shall we?

Start off by making eye contact with a girl in a bar. Open with, “you can’t just look at me like that without at least saying ‘Hi’.” This sets the frame that SHE is chasing YOU.

Then say “ok, since you like to stare we’re going to have a staring contest right now”. (a fun game).

Then, as you are staring at her, keep moving your head towards her as if you are going to kiss her. At this point, you will either kiss her or she’ll move her head and lose the contest.

This shows her you have balls to kiss her, warms her up for a kiss close and sets the frame that she owes you something.

Have some small talk (ie qualify her and comfort questions) for about a 2 minutes and then start sexually flirting with her.  Then say the line in number 2 and enjoy.

Let me know how this works for you.


how to flirt

How To Flirt To Make Her Want You

Alright, I am going to give you a rundown on how to flirt.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking flirting is all about making her laugh.  Laughter is great, however, do it the wrong way and you will be sent straight to the friend zone.

The Rules

Here are the basic rules and then I will give you some examples later down.

1. Have FUN For Yourself – When you are with a girl, you should be flirting because it is fun FOR YOU.  You don’t flirt because you want to please her.  You flirt because you enjoy it… as a result, she will have a good time and she will want you more.

2. No Self Deprecating Humor – This can be funny and you see comedians doing it all the time, but it is not attractive when someone makes fun of themselves. This is one of the Biggest Mistakes guys make.  They make her laugh but at the expense of their own attractiveness and value.

3. Be slightly Cocky – Highly Attractive Flirting is done through the right combination of being Cocky and Funny.  Too much “funny” and she won’t take you seriously.  Plus, she will start to see you as a clown.  Too much “cocky” and you will look like an arrogant asshole.

4. No Value TAKING – In other words, don’t make fun of her just so you will make yourself look better.  Many “guru’s” teach this but it doesn’t work with High Value Women and it is not a respectable behavior.

5. Flip The Script – In general, your flirting should be in the frame of, “She is trying to seduce YOU”  (You’ll see some examples later)

6. No Approval Seeking – When you say something flirtatious or sexual, don’t wait for her reaction to see if “she liked it.” Just keep doing what you were doing, knowing that she loved it.

7. How You Say It Is Everything – It really doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is how you say it! When flirting, have a slight smile (like you have a secret) when you speak.  This shows her you are having fun and that look is very sexy to women.

8. Body Language –  Women love guys that are fun, dominant and confident. And these attributes are all sub communicated through your body language…..not your words. To help perfect your body language, take one of our advanced training courses.

Examples on How To Flirt

Here are some fun “games” or “frames” to use when flirting. Some of them may seem out there, but just think about in what situation you can use it.

– If you can take me anywhere on a date where would it be?

– Shut your pretty lips

– What’s up punk, do you want to fight?  I’d so take you.  I’d tickle you until you pee your pants.

– On our first date, make sure there is ice cream involved.  Cookies and cream preferably.

– Will you do me a favor?  Follow me around and when girls start trying to pick me up, jump in like a cute cat ninja and shoo them away.

– You look like you’re trouble.

– Did you save this seat for me?

– Stop trying to undress me with your eyes.

– I’m not that kind of guy, okay? Geez

– Where’s your off button? Because I really want to push it right now.

– Let’s play a game. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath.

– That’s it, we are getting a divorce. You can take the kids and I will take the lake house with the private helicopter.  I will call you later for some break up sex.

There you go… Have fun.

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how to touch a girl to make her want you

How To Touch A Girl To Make Her Want You In 7 Ways

Make A Girl Want You With The Power Of Your Touch

Touching releases the chemical Oxytocin, a powerful bonding hormone that makes her feel connected and trust you. A woman must be comfortable with your touch in order for her to sleep with you. Learning how to touch a girl to make her want you is essential! My name is Matt Artisan and here are 7 Ways To Touch A Girl To Make Her Want You!

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Before I get into the demonstrations. There are 3 crucial tips you must know.

3 Touching Tips to keep in mind:


#1. Touch Her Like A Man

Most guys think women are delicate little flowers and so they touch them weak and way too soft. Now there is definitely a time for a gentle touch to get her aroused, but there’s also a time to use a more dominant touch so she can get turned on by your masculine strength.

I can just see all the comments now… “So you are saying to push her and force yourself on her?” NO numbnuts! I’m saying don’t be afraid to shake her hand like a man, women hate a limp fish. Don’t be afraid to give her a good bear hug! Most guys do the lame “pat on the back.”  Don’t be afraid to move her to get her attention.

Be powerful without overpowering her. Be dominant, without being domineering.

#2. Break The Touch Barrier As Soon As Possible

Break the touch barrier sooner than later. If you wait too long, then that first touch will seem awkward and weird. So make sure to touch her as soon as possible, which is typically when you first meet her.

For example: During the day usually, a handshake, and/or a kiss on the cheek might be appropriate. At a bar, you might give her a high-five or put your arm around her. On a date, you would give her a hug when you greet her.

#3. Don’t Let It Linger:

Make sure to take it away at first. Touching releases the bonding hormone Oxytocin, and that’s why it feels good. But if you let it linger, that feel good vibe will soon turn into a creepy one.

A good rule to keep in mind in advancing your touch is: “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

Remember that if you keep putting on the gas, then she will eventually put on the brakes.


  1. Put your arm around her and tell her you like her, and then turning away from her.
  2. Kissing her and ending the tongue wrestling before she does and saying, “That’s all you get, no more for you.”
  3. “I would so throw you against the wall and have my way with you right now. Too bad there are all these people here.” 


….Okay now let’s get to the 7 ways to touch her:

7 Ways To Touch A Girl To Make Her Want You

  1. Conversation

    Using your hands as you talk and touching her arm, shoulder or hand to emphasize a point. Example: “And you won’t believe what happened next” as you touch her arm for emphasis. Touch her waist, which is a very sensual spot of her body, as you lean in to tell her something.

  2. Inquiring

    Touch her hair, nails, or something she’s wearing and make a comment about it. Example: “Wow those are some interesting nailsas you hold her hands and examine them. Complementing her figure works as well, just like how women use “have you been working out?” as an excuse to touch your biceps. You can say the same line as you touch her abs.Wow, you are so fit” “Flex your arm Make sure she has a flat stomach before you do this. Pinching her belly flab won’t be such a turn on.

  3. Leading

    While leading her from one place to the next you can hold her hand, go arm-in-arm or place your hand on her lower back.

  4. Correcting

    Fix something about her like her clothing, hair or posture. Example:Hold on let me fix your shirt. Okay there, much better.

  5. Playful

    If you are at a bar or on a date you can play a Fun game like thumb wrestling or slap hands

  6. Rewarding

    When she does or says something you like, simply reward her with a hug, high-five or kiss. Example: “Nice, high-five!”

  7. Direct

    Where she just knows that you are really attracted to her so you make your move. You typically need a higher level of attraction and compliance for this to work. Blame her cuteness or her attractiveness for you advancing on her.

There you have it, 7 ways to touch more without being creepy so you can release some Oxytocin, deepen your connection and lead things to the bedroom!


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This is very useful when you’re talking to a girl but it’s going nowhere.

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I’m out! Cheers!