How to Spark Sexual Tension Within Seconds of Meeting Her…

Look man, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Want to avoid the friend zone? Spark sexual tension. Want to make her obsessed with you? Spark sexual tension. Want to get her in bed fast? Spark sexual tension. But did you know that you can trigger sexual tension the very first moment you meet her? You don’t have to […]

Picking Up Russian Girls in Belarus

This was the BIGGEST REJECTION ever! And, it wasn’t even from a cute girl. No, it was from the 60 year old Russian lady behind the counter at the Belarus Embassy in Vilnius. She was denying me a visa. But why? Could she possibly know my intentions? Hmmm maybe. I mean, why would anyone ever […]

How to start a conversation with a girl and KEEP it going

What do I say ?!? This is the most common question men ask when approaching women. Too many guys get so caught up in their heads and take themselves out of the moment. They’re stuck thinking of what to say opposed to saying what they think. There’s good news! The secret is…… what you say […]

How To Create A Sexual Vibe Immediately

Unless you just want to be friends, you need to turn things sexual… If you create a sexual vibe from the very beginning, you’ll avoid the friend zone and escalate things quickly. You definitely want to avoid being too friendly and platonic when flirting with women. In this video, I show you how to create […]

Say This To Make Her Chase You

When most guys see a beautiful girl, they immediately try to impress her with interesting stories, jokes, and routines. This flat out doesn’t work because you are indicating that she is the prize. You are unconsciously saying that she is above you. This repels her. What you want to do is challenge her. In this […]

How To “ACTUALLY” Overcome Approach Anxiety – w/ Josiah Prise

Approach Anxiety…. Almost every single man on this planet has experienced this nervousness around approaching an attractive woman. Most guys will actually never overcome this fear, and they’ll only approach a few women in their entire lifetime while sober. However, the men that are able to overcome approach anxiety, are halfway there to a life filled with […]

Approaching Hot Models in Vegas | How To Approach A Girl w/ Josiah Prise

In today’s video, Josiah Prise is out approaching some BEAUTIFUL women in vegas. You can also see one of the approaches from start to finish. Check it out. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. Let me know your questions or comments about the video.  Cheers!