Say This To Make Her Chase You

When most guys see a beautiful girl, they immediately try to impress her with interesting stories, jokes, and routines. This flat out doesn’t work because you are indicating that she is the prize. You are unconsciously saying that she is above you. This repels her. What you want to do is challenge her. In this […]

How To “ACTUALLY” Overcome Approach Anxiety – w/ Josiah Prise

Approach Anxiety…. Almost every single man on this planet has experienced this nervousness around approaching an attractive woman. Most guys will actually never overcome this fear, and they’ll only approach a few women in their entire lifetime while sober. However, the men that are able to overcome approach anxiety, are halfway there to a life filled with […]

Approaching Hot Models in Vegas | How To Approach A Girl w/ Josiah Prise

In today’s video, Josiah Prise is out approaching some BEAUTIFUL women in vegas. You can also see one of the approaches from start to finish. Check it out. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. Let me know your questions or comments about the video.  Cheers!

Learn How to Get a Girl’s Number and Text Her | The Attractive Man

Do you ever feel that texting girls is a waste of time? Do you even know what to text a girl? Well here’s the deal; most guys have no idea what to text a girl. Sure some of them might have game, and they might be able to pull a chick or two at the club, […]

12 Fast Ways To Boost Your Confidence With Girls

Bottom Line: All confidence is acquired and developed. No one is born with confidence. The lack of confidence stems from fear. Fear stops men from approaching beautiful women. Fear stops men from going for the kiss. Fear stops men from taking charge when they know they should. Want to explode your confidence with women? Below are […]

how to start a conversation with a girl

How to Start a Conversation With A Girl You Like

Most guys never approach that sexy lady because they are too concerned about saying the right thing. They are paralyzed by NOT KNOWING WHAT TO SAY. There are tons all the beautiful women everywhere. I know you’ve seen that beautiful woman and you just wondered “How do I start the conversation in such a way that […]

You don’t need money, you need BALLS!

Listen up because the lives of your unborn children depend on it. (Seriously). Warning: This blog post is going to be blunt and in your face. I’ll tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear. You don’t need people telling you bullsh*t like, “You’re a nice guy and deserve a […]