how to approach girls in the gym

How to Approach Girls in the Gym

In this video, I’ll show you how to approach girls in the gym. Almost nobody approaches at the gym because it can be awkward while working out. IIf guys DO approach, they usually try to hide their intent by making up a lame excuse to talk to a girl. “Are you sure you know how […]

the art of closing

The Art of Closing: Part Three – Handling Objections

Missed The Art Of Closing Part 1 (Handling logistics) or Part 2 (Pulling)? Read them here and here Picture this; you meet a beautiful girl out at your local bar. The conversation effortlessly flows. She’s getting wrapped up experiencing you. She flicks her hair and bites her lips as she looks at you seductively. You know […]

the art of closing

The Art of Closing: Part Two – Pulling

Missed The Art Of Closing Part 1 on Handling logistics? Read it here Have you ever heard the term “get lucky”? For most guys, that’s exactly what happens when they go out and bring a beautiful girl back home. The reason why most guys “get lucky” is because they simply don’t know what they’re doing. […]

The Art of Closing: Part 1 – Logistics

What’s going on fellas?! Hope you’re out there taking steps towards the person you want to be. Today we have a KEY topic that can transform you from amateur to pro. Listen up! There are many subskills of game that one must master on this road of personal development. One of the most important skills […]

Send Her “THIS TEXT” After You Get Her Number | Texting Girls Tips part 2

In today’s video, I show you what to say in the first text you send a girl. You need to differentiate yourself from other guys. I’ll also show you what to text for various situations, including what to text her if you met her at a bar and want to meet up late at night. […]

How To Approach Women In A Store | Infield Video

In today’s video, I show you how to approach a girl that walks into a store. I’m showing you this because I see too many guys in our boot camps stop once she goes into a store. There are only a few circumstances where you should not approach. When in doubt, just approach her. Remember, […]

The ONE THING YOU MUST DO when flirting with women…

In today’s video, I’m talking about the ONE THING GUYS leave out when flirting with women. Click the link below to help you master how to flirt with women. If you leave this part out, she won’t feel special. She’ll feel like you only want her for her looks. She will see you like all […]