How To Not Give A F**K About What People Think Of You

Do you want a magnetic personality? A personality that hooks peoples attention and makes them want more.  A personality that attracts beautiful women and a personality that guys respect. In reality, you have a rockstar personality inside of YOU.  I know it. Personality is not so much acquired, but released, from within.  Your personality is […]

How to Talk to Girls on the Subway or Metro Train

Pop Quiz What are you doing while riding the Subway/Metro? A – Listening to Music B – Texting C – Updating your Facebook/Twitter D – Reading your Kindle or local Newspaper E – Talking To Girls All but one of the above activities are what most guys do when on the train.  Which one of […]

How to approach a girl on the phone

Approaching A Girl On The Phone – [Infield Video]

When approaching women during the day time, most guys avoid “awkward” situations. For example, they avoid approaching when a woman is on the phone, with her mom, pushing her baby in a stroller, eating food, etc. because it seems harder and riskier.  But, is it really? Women realize that it takes a lot of courage […]

How To Pick Up Girls On Vacation

Do you have your next vacation scheduled?  Well, if you want to meet some pretty women, then you should. Let me tell you about the art of seducing pretty ladies while on vacation. In this video, I am on vacation in Belize with the family and I lay down the best way to pick up […]

Holiday Sex Secrets

You would probably assume that summer is the time for steamy hot sex. And, well, you are partially right. People are more in the mood to hit the sheets during the warm season because hot weather typically puts people in higher spirits, and moreover, the exposed skin tantalizes the minds of men (and women) causing […]

Showing Too Much Interest Will Blow It

You may know that I advocate being very direct with women. Here is the deal. If by being direct, you show too much interest right away, you will lose her. You see, women want a man to desire them, however, that desire must be earned. In other words, if you go up to a girl […]

How To Text A Girl You Like

Are you struggling to get the date after you get her number? Many guys have trouble knowing what to do after they get her number. Should you wait 3 days to text her? Should you text her right away? What if she doesn’t answer? We get these questions all the time and that is why […]