7 Reasons Why You’re NOT READY for a Relationship

Is she not ready for a relationship? Or are YOU not ready for a relationship? Right now, there are over 3.5 billion women in the world. 2 billion of them are between 24-54 years old. Let’s assume half of them are single. That leaves 1 billion women who – based on my experience – are […]

top 10 goal setting strategies for 2019

Top 10 Goal Setting Strategies for 2019

Hey man, check out my Top 10 Goal Setting Strategies for 2019!But FIRST, this shocking statistic: University of Scranton conducted a study on how many people actually achieve their New Year’s goals… Know what they found? Only 8% of people accomplished their goals after 365 days. To me, that’s depressing… But I also don’t blame […]

top tinder tips for men

Top Tinder Tips for Men (Get MORE Matches!)

Tinder is still one of the fastest growing dating apps in the world. But there’s a huge problem you’ve probably experienced already… There are so many single men swiping and competing for the same beautiful women on Tinder, that it’s hard to match with the women you actually want. So how do you stand out […]

signs she is using you

Signs She Is Using You

Are you sure a girl is being true to you? Here are some signs she is using you… No one wants to date a time waster or someone who isn’t who they really are. So how can you be sure the girl you are dating isn’t just putting on an act?How do you know if […]

how to deal with rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

When it happens, you’re not actually dying. But it sure as hell feels like it. I’m talking about REJECTION. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today: How to deal with rejection. Yeah, rejection sucks. It feels like a visceral gut-punch straight to your confidence. It can knock a guy out for days (even weeks) and make him […]

fear of approaching women


You can’t keep running from your fears, man. The first step is usually the hardest. It’s time to CRUSH that FEAR of approaching women! Taking away the fear and anxiety will give you that powerful confidence boost. Never be afraid to approach women again with these 3 ways to eliminate approach anxiety: Click Below To […]