how to make her want to have sex with you

How To Make Her Want To Have Sex With You Tonight

In this video, Matt Artisan reveals how to get her to have sex with you tonight – you’ll learn 5 essential things a girl needs to have sex with you, and one thing you must NEVER forget to do. Here’s how to make her want to have sex with you tonight!

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how to make her want to have sex with you tonight

First of all let’s make one thing clear, it’s not about GETTING her to have sex with you. It’s about creating an environment and opportunity for her to want to have sex with you. It’s not about getting anything from her it’s about her wanting it.

And there are 5 prerequisites to her wanting to sleep with you. The first 4 are pretty obvious.

  1. She needs to be attracted to you. This doesn’t have to be based on looks but she needs to feel a sense of desire towards you.
  2. She needs to feel safe. And it certainly helps if you’ve built a connection with her.
  3. You need to physically escalate – i mean you have to touch her at some point. Touching releases the bonding hormone oxytocin that is also released during orgasm. So make sure to touch her.
  4. And of course you need to be in a place where sex can actually happen

Now we have other videos that explain each of these in details.

But there’s a 5th step that is really crucial and most guys totally miss it.

You see a woman won’t have sex with a guy even if she really likes him and wants to sleep with him because she’s afraid of being judged.

But who would judge her?

Well she might be afraid of her friends judging her, you judging her and she might even be afraid of judging herself.

I know, as guys this seems crazy, I mean we want to tell our friends and we are usually proud of ourselves after sex, but these are real issues girls actually worry about.

how to make her want to have sex with you tonight

So #1: Let’s talk about dealing with her friends.

    • Make sure to manage your logistics so the friends don’t find out that she’s going home with you. For example you could tell her friends that you are walking her to her car. And then when they aren’t looking jump in the car and get the hell out of there.
    • What if you have a lot of mutual friends and she’s afraid that you might tell them? Well then use a story to illustrate how you don’t like to kiss and tell. “Yeah this girl I dated ended up telling everyone we hooked up and I was so pissed” But make sure it’s a true story.
    • But what if her friends aren’t there?…… then who cares! Move on. .

#2. Next, she might be afraid that YOU are going to judge her if she sleeps with you too quickly. So don’t do that! Never judge a girl for being sexual! That’s just lame. Remember that women are sexual creatures too!

    • So explain to her that you really like sexually liberated women and how it’s not fair how our society judges confident women who go for what they want. I like to use a story about how my ex-gf and I has sex rather quickly and how we just had so much passion in our relationship.
    • Or you can talk about how you don’t think it’s fair how a guy can sleep with a lot of women and he’s a sexual superstar but if a girl does that then she’s a whore. Feel free to get dramatic! Stand up on your chair and yell it’s not fair dammit. Women shouldn’t be judged. They should be equal! Ok actually she might think you are a psychopath if you do that so you might want to just tone it down a bit.

#3. Dealing with her judgements

  • Explain to her that women are sexual and probably even more sexual than men
    • Think about it…they can have more orgasms than a man, have different types of orgasms and they have twice as many nerves in their fun parts than a men.  So women are more sexual than men.  She’ll think hmm I guess that’s true.

So there you have it, just throw in these remarks in the middle of your conversation somewhere and she is less likely to put on the breaks. Which means it’s full speed ahead for the bedroom.

You can thank me later.

Now, we have a free training video where I break down hidden camera footage of me going from an approach to an instant date in under 3 minutes. Yup, I show you exactly what I say to create an sexual vibe from the beginning and escalate to a date quickly.

how to make her want to have sex with you tonight

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