The Language of Attraction

This is all about the conversation. You’ll know what to say to instantly attract beautiful women any place, anytime, and in any situation.

This is the only program that uses your own unique personality to attract women. Other “gurus” will try to mold you to be exactly like them…. They’ll have you dress like them and act like them even if that’s not who you really are. We’ll show you what naturally attracts women. Click Here To Access This Product.


Desire & Escalation Mastery

This unconventional new program teaches you how to ACTIVATE The Sexual Part of Of A Woman’s Brain, stay out of the friend zone, and convey your sexual side in a matter of seconds, without coming off as creepy or weird. 

You’ll get an exact blue print of what to do from the moment you see her all the way to bringing her home. It goes in depth on exactly what to do and what to say to give a woman that feeling of, “I Have To Have Him Now!”  

Turn Her On Through Text

My LEGENDARY Texting System that covers the basic fundamentals of texting girls and getting the date- all the way to advanced attraction and seductive texting. If you want to be a master seducer with texts, then this is your must-have manual.

It breaks down texting to a science. These texting strategies are based off of our studies of persuasive writing and romance novels. This system reveals the exact methods to making her feel a deep desire and connection towards you. Warning: Some of these methods are powerful and most men are not ready for these.

Daytime Seduction

In this program, you’ll discover exactly how to Approach and Seduce women you meet during the day. (It’s easier to meet and date beautiful women during the daytime because at bars there’s tons of competition).

There are plenty of women out and about during the daytime. You’re missing out on lots of opportunities if you’re not talking to them. Click here to access the program.

Balls of Steel

Do you want more confidence with women? Give me 10 days and we’ll explode your confidence while conquering fear and anxiety. This system uses little-known techniques that are scientifically proven to hack your body’s nervous system and give you supreme mental toughness. After lots of research and experimentation, we created a simple and systematic method to conquering approach anxiety (and really ANY fear you experience). The plan includes simple exercises for you to do over a 10 day period – that only take about 30 minutes to complete. Click Here For More Details

Texting Girls Guide Mobile App

This is the foundation of texting. It contains over 100 word-for-word texting scripts to GET THE DATE and GET HER WANTING YOU… so you send the perfect message, every time.

You get my private texting techniques — and get the actual texts — that have gotten me dates with hundreds of beautiful women and have generated countless nights of sex for both my private clients and I. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t wonder what words to say. Know for sure using tested text messages.
To Download: Search the app store for “Texting Girls Guide Pro”
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