Turn A Girl On: Don’t Forget To ISOLATE

In today’s tip, we’re going to build on last week’s email which was about how to turn a girl on, get physical and escalate.

It’s not enough to know how to get physical. You also have to know WHEN to get physical and how to get there.

That’s why today’s tip of the week is all about isolation.

turn a girl onWe’ll discuss:

  • What is Isolation?
  • Why is isolation important?
  • How to isolate
  • What to do after you’ve isolated

What Is Isolation?

Isolation is when you’re able to get the girl alone so that you can move things forward. During the day, most girls are already alone, so this tip is most useful for the night game.

Why is it important?

It’s easier to physically escalate when it’s the two of you, opposed to when you’re with her group of friends. The reason why is because she doesn’t have the judgment or cockblocking of her friends. Imagine trying to make out with her in front of her group of friends, compared to when it’s just the two of you.

Isolation also helps build compliance momentum.

For example, if you met a girl on the street and ask her to grab a coffee with you. The fact that she said yes creates compliance and makes it easier for her to say yes to future requests.

In sales, this is called a “yes ladder.” One yes makes it easier to get the next.

How Do I Isolate?

An excellent way to isolate is by “baby stepping” the interaction. You’re creating a “yes ladder.” Leading the girl from the start of the interaction all the way to bringing her home. The idea of “baby stepping” is moving her closer and closer to your house one step at a time.

Asking a girl to come home with you within the first 5 minutes of meeting her rarely works. Asking her to get coffee or move to the other side of the bar (away from her friends) is easier.

For example, during the day I like to:

  • Ask a girl to get coffee 
  • Bring her to a park
  • Get some frozen yogurt 
  • And before you know it, we “happen” to be by my place.

If you don’t live in a city, the last step might have to be verbal. “Hey let’s go back to my place so we can continue getting to know each other,” for example.

During the night, isolation is crucial because girls are usually with friends. Here are some of the ways I like to isolate a girl while still in the bar

  • “Let’s go over there where it’s quieter, so we can talk more.”
  • “There’s a place to sit over there…come with me.”
  • “We should grab those chairs while they’re free.”

From there, I like to baby step her closer and closer to my place. My usual routine, once isolated in the bar, is:

  • “Let’s go outside for some fresh air.”
  • “Hey let’s get some food across the street.”
  • “Hey let’s just eat this at my place where I have some drinks.”

Pretty simple.

What To Do After You Isolate?

turn a girl onThis is the part where last week’s email comes in. When isolating the girl (at your place or isolated in the bar), you want to amp up the sexual tension and physicality. Last week’s email talked all about how to escalate physically.

In case you missed it, here’s an escalation ladder I like to use:

  1. When I introduce myself, I hold her hand longer than normal. Is she receptive and already interested or do I have to do more work?
  2. Find out something interesting about her as an excuse to give her a high five
  3. Thumb wrestle her with a little bet (loser buys coffee/beer)
  4. Hug her for winning/losing
  5. Arm to arm escorting (towards cafe/bar to isolate)
  6. Hand holding along the way
  7. Arm around her back/waist pulling her in close to me. Body up against her body.
  8. Kissing on her cheek
  9. Kissing on neck
  10. Making out

If you’re out in public, you can stop at the make out. If you’re home, keep escalating as long as you get the green light. If she gives you a red light, take two steps back and then later try taking one step forward.

Alright, guys, this isn’t everything about the subject, but it’s enough to get started and take action.
Next week, I’ll dive in further about baby stepping and give you a tactic I use to drastically increase the odds of a girl coming home with me. You won’t want to miss that one.

Your Weekend Mission
(If you choose to accept)


  1. Reflect on your last 3 approaches. Were you able to go on an instant date? Did you even go for it?
  2. Make at least 5 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. Try and baby step her from the first instant location (like coffee) to the next (like the park).


  1. Reflect on your last 3 approaches. Were you able to go on an instant date? Did you even go for it?
  2. Make at least 10 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. Try and baby step her from the first instant location (like coffee) all the way back to your place.
  3. If you do night game, make 5 approaches and try to isolate a girl by baby stepping her to another part of the bar (to grab drinks, get fresh air, hit the dance floor, explore another part of the venue, etc.) Try and baby step her back to your place.
Alright, guys, there’s the tip of the week! 
Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation.

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Miguel is a dating coach and writer currently residing in New York City. Miguel's no-nonsense approach focuses on fast results and efficiency in the game, fueled by his passion for social interaction and women.
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